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I'm worried about the future of shops generally, and in particular I'm concerned that, sans Debenhams, parts of Broadmead will be allowed to sink into dereliction. This video got me wondering. Does anyone know if continental Europe and Ireland are dealing with the same problems? What can be done to maintain life in areas like Broadmead and high streets across the country? I sense that we need a council that will be prepared to be bold and take drastic action to avert a major catastrophe for our urban infrastructure . . . any ideas?

To make matters worse, cities have seemingly become reliant on students, not least international students, leading to a plethora of inferior living quarters built on the cheap, which, if the (international) student population dries up, will be converted into distinctly inferior private rental units.

Bold thinking is needed . . .

(BTW what happened to Delirium? Hope he's okay . . . ).

Decent video... Its such an easy fix but there needs to be wholesale changes right at the top starting with councils and government putting a stop to wasting public funds!

Hands down my favourite part was that amazing lady at the bus stop... "Is that my bus?" 😂What a Legend!
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