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Broadside | New Cross | Oldham Road | 10/8/8/6 fl | Comp

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Architect: Hodder + Partners

Developer: Balfour Beatty

112015/FO/2016/N1 | Erection of a part 10, part 8 storey block and a part 8, part 6 storey block to form 274 residential apartments in total together with ground floor commercial units facing Oldham Road (342 sqm) (Use Class A1, A2, A3 and B1) with associated car parking, hard and soft landscaping, new public realm following the closure of Goulden Street and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings | Land Bounded By Oldham Road, Marshall Street, Chadderton Street And Bendix Street Ancoats Manchester M4 5FR

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Past the Balfour Beatty Europcar site today on Oldham Road. The temporary car parks gone, replaced with hoardings. hopefully the developments starting soon.
Digger on site today, must be the start of the groundworks.

Past the Europcar site today. A P. P. O Connor van parked up near a big skip must be starting demolition. Also excavating for the drains.
The car park is still shut, the vehicles on it belong to the site workers.
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New Cross is the area not the name of the development. It's simply called New Cross in the application (in fact its called Oldham Road) because the developer hasn't come up with a marketing name yet.
Yeah, its New Cross alright. Another title that needs changing. Again can wait till they break ground.

A lot of activity on the site today. The Europcar building has been dropped. A couple of excavators were busy with the groundworks.

sorry no pics.
Oldham Road | New Cross | 10/8/8/6 fl | App

Does anyone know the history of that Chimney looking structure in the two images above?
It’s forms part of the old Police Station which collapsed in a fire I think (some one told me that on here). Gorgeous odd looking building.

That’s a bit of a stretch :lol:

Taken today

Not sure where the thread is for this, so just dropping them in here for now

Thats already started. AC Marriott has almost completed, StayCity has commenced piling next door, there a number of proposals to convert the warehouses and Thompson Street proposal starts on site in November.
Its good to see the development up and running. Hopefully this will start the regeneration of the rest of the area
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Not one of Hodder's best I must admit. Fortunately most of it will be hidden by other buildings.
Looks a little too Dandara this. I like the brick but that’s about it.
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Theres usually a good reason for a blank wall, mainly because another building will be close by. However, its just a horrible design. Must do better. Reverse the materials. Have the brick as the concrete and vice versa. Would be an improvement. At least it will be pretty much hidden.
The Lancastrian | Oldham Road | 10/8/8/6 fl | U/C

It’s not called The Lancastrian (thank god) anymore. It begins with ‘B’ however the name escapes me. It’s plastered all over the hoardings.
Broadsides are large sheets of paper not just for newspaper but used for sheet music etc.

Large newspapers (before they were reduced in size) like The Independent and The Times were called 'Broad Sheets'.
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At least we can agree on something :)
Cheap bland crap!
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Not when stood next to FEC and Mulbury proposals and the heritage buildings

This really was a missed opportunity.
Still a damn site better than the Riverside blocks. Personally, I would say that these are inoffensive enough for their location.
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