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Broadside | New Cross | Oldham Road | 10/8/8/6 fl

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Architect: Hodder + Partners

Developer: Balfour Beatty

112015/FO/2016/N1 | Erection of a part 10, part 8 storey block and a part 8, part 6 storey block to form 274 residential apartments in total together with ground floor commercial units facing Oldham Road (342 sqm) (Use Class A1, A2, A3 and B1) with associated car parking, hard and soft landscaping, new public realm following the closure of Goulden Street and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings | Land Bounded By Oldham Road, Marshall Street, Chadderton Street And Bendix Street Ancoats Manchester M4 5FR

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The issue for me is that the bare concrete bits don't really match the limestone look of the renders. In fact it just looks like bare concrete. The finish is quite frankly shocking.

Theres usually a good reason for a blank wall, mainly because another building will be close by. However, its just a horrible design. Must do better. Reverse the materials. Have the brick as the concrete and vice versa. Would be an improvement. At least it will be pretty much hidden.
Really starting to shoot up and have an impression on Oldham Road now. Three storeys to go and the neighbouring/sister block should be rising at pace too: :cheers:

The Lancastrian. You can see the suspended sphere between the buildings at Skyline Central. The gap between the two Lancastrian buildings runs perfectly in line with this, re-establishing the grid street-scape here in New Cross :cheers:

The Lancastrian | Oldham Road | 10/8/8/6 fl | U/C

It’s not called The Lancastrian (thank god) anymore. It begins with ‘B’ however the name escapes me. It’s plastered all over the hoardings.
Is it Broadside by any chance?
Balfour Beatty....::lol::
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Broadside, New Cross

DSC03192 by ofhklnve60, on Flickr

Pedestrianised, publicly-accessible public realm area through the middle which lines up with the public realm garden through Skyline Central.

DSC03191 by ofhklnve60, on Flickr

DSC03190 by ofhklnve60, on Flickr
I really like these. They definitely help the vista looking up Oldham Street, which in the past was like looking out to the edge of the city. The road though is horrible and, like Great Ancoats Street, need desperately taming given the ongoing transformation of the area.
It’s called Broadside because they used to make ‘Penny Broadsides’ (big, one-sheet newspapers which were cheaply available and mass produced - and which preceded multi-page newspapers) on this site

Just in case anyone was wondering...
Broadsides are large sheets of paper not just for newspaper but used for sheet music etc.

Large newspapers (before they were reduced in size) like The Independent and The Times were called 'Broad Sheets'.
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Not terrible, just so bland...
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