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Bronzed Aussie turns up for beach weather

The shark hauled from the water at Henley Beach. Picture: John Murphy
Source: AdelaideNow

ON the first day of perfect beach weather, a 2m shark has popped up among swimmers at Henley Beach.

A couple of keen fisherman reeled in the shark, believed to be a bronze whaler, from the Henley Beach jetty about 8.45am.

Woodville South resident John Murphy captured the shark catch on camera while on his regular walk along the beach.

"I go down to Henley Beach for a walk every morning," he said.

"I went walking to the jetty this morning and there was a couple of guys there fishing and there was something very big on their line.

That something very big turned out to be the shark, which was eventually hauled ashore.

Mr Murphy said it was his first shark sighting and that he was grateful to see it on the shore rather than in the water.

"I walk up and down that beach all the time and I've been wanting to see a shark," he said.

"It was very exciting to watch."

Three people swimming near the jetty were alerted of the shark and left the water.

Surf Life Saving SA state manager Shane Daw said the metropolitan shark catch acted as a timely reminder for beachgoers as the weather warmed.

Surf life saving patrols, including aerial shark spotting, begin next Saturday, November 6.

Mr Daw said that in the event of a shark sighting, beachgoers should move to shallow water or get out.

Pretty amazing story, and a bit scary

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Bronzed whaler - certainly has a nice sun tan - and just big enough to give a love bite or two.
Not sure if it is too late to take that fin off for shark fin soup?

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Are there any white pointers on the Adelaide beaches this time of year or do they get seen around more when the weather gets warmer?
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