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From "" Sorry about the link-logos on the middle of each photo. Still an enjoyable tour though. Enjoy

Fifth Avenue looking northeast from 57th Street toward 56th Street, 1908

87th Street, from 3rd Avenue to Ridge Blvd, 1913

72nd Street, 11-16-1957

Crescent Atlantic Club Boat House — Shore Road, looking south, 1905

Greeting from Macon Street, 1911

Stores along Fulton Street, 1929

Looking from the stoop of 340 Gates Avenue towards Bedford Avenue, 1897

Utica Avenue, looking north at Atlantic Avenue, 1902

Marcy Avenue, north to Pulaski Street, 1931

Fulton and Water Streets

Columbia Heights looking toward Brooklyn Bridge and Fulton Ferry elevated terminal, 1922

64 Hicks Street, corner of 27 Cranberry Street in 1928

Long view of Atlantic Avenue looking west from Clinton Street toward Henry Street, ca.&nbsp1895

Halsey Street from Wilson Avenue, 1912

Beneath Broadway Brooklyn El prior to rebuilding, 1911

Bushwick Avenue looking north at Ten Eyck Street, 11-12-1918

View at Cooper Avnue, 1948

President Street, 1921

Northwest corner of Smith Street and 2nd Place, April 17, 1928

First Place, Carroll Gardens, 1928

First Place, Carroll Gardens, April 17, 1928

Smith Street, 1928

Smith and Butler Streets, 1928

Union and Smith Streets, 1928

Smith and Union Streets, 1928

Kingston Avenue, north at St. John's Place.

Drug store and apartment buildings, ca. 1920

Nostrand Avenue south to Montgomery Street, October 23, 1946

Flatbush Avenue looking north at Church Avenue, 1912

Flatbush Avenue looking south at Caton Avenue, 1945

Coney Island Avenue looking north to Leader Theater, past Newkirk Avenue, 1946

Flatbush Avenue looking south to Hawthorne Street; Dutch Reformed Church in right background

Flatbush Ave. s. to Church Ave., Garfield's, Erasmus Hall HS on left, Dutch Reformed Church on right

South Oxford Street from Lafayette Avenue, 1931

Fort Greene Place looking toward Fulton Street El, 1929

DeKalb Avenue west to Ashland Place, Flatbush Avenue, the Paramount and downtown. June 12, 1944

Fulton Street west to Greene Avenue and Souuth Oxford Place, Spring 1947

Looking doesn't make the trolley come any faster, Vanderbilt Avenue north at Fulton Street, 1946

Brooklyn Technical High School looms over the neighborhood 1930

Williamburgh Savings Bank, still tallest building on Long Island, at Flatbush Ave. & Hanson Pl, 1929

Manhattan Avenue near Greenpoint Avenue, 1928

Manhattan Avenue from Norman Avenue, showing Fox Theater, 1931

Manhattan Avenue, looking west to Freeman Street, 1928

Peckio truck in front of 1126-1130 Manhattan Avenue, January 19, 1928

BRT open car 1032 on Seventh Avenue, looking south at Eleventh Street, 1916

United Airlines collision and crash into Sterling Place and Seventh Avenue, 12-16-1960

Corner of Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue, northeast view, ca. 1930

Fifth Avenue at Ninth Street, May 9, 1947, with a 5th Ave. trolley and a Smith St. car crossing

Flatbush and 6th Avenues, looking north, 1914

Lee Avenue north from Heyward Street, 12-13-44

Lee Avenue looking south at Lynch Street, 8-3-1944

Harrison Avenue looking west at Lorimer Street, 7-28-1947

Grand Street, between Berry and Bedford, 1922

Division Avenue looking east at Marcy Avenue, 10-22-1946

Metropolitan and Union Avenues, 1918

221 Union Avenue, 1930

Wythe Avenue looking north from Taylor Street, 1910

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