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Brugge - Belgium

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Brugge in Belgium. One of the best preserved medieval gems in Europe. I spent 2 days wandering around the narrow lanes and floating on the canals of this wonderful town. These are some of my photo's...enjoy.

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Pure on looks maybe one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Great pics, fantastic city!
Very nice pictures and the site of the only Colin Farrell movie I can stand too.
Amazing city.
I have been to Brugge just 10 days ago and I can approve that it is indeed one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.
There are even many more marvellous places than shown in the pictures!
Pretty much worth a visit.
very nice, i also saw that dog outside a window next to the water..
fuckin great:cheers:
Peacefull and lovely city..

Cheers :cheers:
propaply the most beautifully city in belqium:cheers:

very nice and all way right beeing a UNESCO World Heritage:)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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