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Brutalist Buildings of Melbourne (broadband)

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I cannot say I particularly like Brutalism as a style, but it is interesting nonetheless. Melbourne is apparently not particulary rich in Brutalist buildings compared to other cities. Here are some pics I shot yesterday....

Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool (Kevin Borland & Daryl Jackson 1967)
Edgar Street, Malvern

St Kilda Public Library (Enrico Taglietti 1973)
150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

National Gallery of Victoria (Roy Grounds - 1960s)
St Kilda Road, South Yarra

(more pics to come....)

Plumbing Trades Employees Union of Australia Building (Graeme Gunn 1970)
52 Victoria Street, Melbourne

Faculty of Engineering (c.1965)
Grattan Street, University of Melbourne

Metropolitan Fire Brigade
456 Albert Street, East Melbourne

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The ugliest buildings in Australia, or just the ugliest in Melbourne?

Not just for the way they look but because of possibly the worst street frontages of any buildings in Melbourne, basically blank walls and small entrances which resemble fire escapes fronting onto Swanston Street, the major pedestrian thoroughfare through the centre of Melbourne.

Thank god they realised how bad they were before the finished the entire development:

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This building was way cool in 1958:

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The great wall of RMIT:

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Brutalism and waterfront really don't mix:

When the World Trade Centre was built the complex opened out onto the Yarra via the huge atrium and they did up the waterfront in front of it quite nicely, in a late 70's brutal BBQ by the Yarra kind of way. But then Crown moved in and extended the building out in front of the atrium, killing the link between the complex and the waterfont and overshadowing the waterfornt area as well.

The Holiday Inn which is easily the biggest urban design blunder made in Melbourne over the past 25 years. Hopefully when the new convention centre and hotel is built they will tear it down and open up the watefront.
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