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Brutalist Buildings of Melbourne (broadband)

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I cannot say I particularly like Brutalism as a style, but it is interesting nonetheless. Melbourne is apparently not particulary rich in Brutalist buildings compared to other cities. Here are some pics I shot yesterday....

Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool (Kevin Borland & Daryl Jackson 1967)
Edgar Street, Malvern

St Kilda Public Library (Enrico Taglietti 1973)
150 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

National Gallery of Victoria (Roy Grounds - 1960s)
St Kilda Road, South Yarra

(more pics to come....)

Plumbing Trades Employees Union of Australia Building (Graeme Gunn 1970)
52 Victoria Street, Melbourne

Faculty of Engineering (c.1965)
Grattan Street, University of Melbourne

Metropolitan Fire Brigade
456 Albert Street, East Melbourne

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I think some brutalism is quite good in small doses, but like grollo said, they've often got terrible barren blank-walled windswept street frontages. They usually turn out best when they've only got a small parcel of land to work with and as such are 'forced' into the existing city fabric (e.g. faculty of engineering, Uni of Melb).

I quite like like all of these examples above barring the Swanston Street monstrosity and I'm not too fond on the Harold Holt Swim centre either... although that could just be because I wouldn't be too comfortable swiming in a pool named after someone who....ahhh.... you know the story... :)

I think a lot more people would shine to these buildings if they sanded back the weathered concrete to reveal a fresh concrete face, or clad them in bluestone.

Am I the only one who love the BHP Billiton concrete?
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papervagina said:
I dig it too, baby.

Up yours, Tays! ;)
The Collector said:
Hey Tony P, I wouldn't go around saying papervagina is my best friend. :lol: :hilarious :lol:
It's all good, I mean, they're all...I mean.... ;)

Has anyone got a decent photo of Menzies College, located in the Monash Uni campus (not the Ming Wing). That's a Robin Boyd designed brutalist beast.
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