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Budapest + Bratislava from the air (many big pictures)

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Here are some pictures that i made last summer hope you like them


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hi all.
i live in bratislava. bratislavas population is quite small insteed of budapest. in bratislava lives cca 450 000 people. BUT!! bratislava is 370km square big (little smaller then prague).it seems so small, because the city districts are not so close and not whole area is urban. we have many forests, lakes etc.
on the photo arent these city districts: karlova ves, dubravka, lamac, zahorska bystrica, devin, devinska nova ves, dlhe diely, jarovce, rusovce, cunovo, poddunajske byskupice, vrakuna

and yes, that commie blocks (district Petrzalka)on the photo is the biggest city district in the slovakia and live there 130 000 people. some small gallery about Petrzalka:

bratislavas border are that thick green. and look: its few minutes to hungary and austria :) . i often go there on bicycle :runaway:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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