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Buddhist tempel in Årsele

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Up north in northern Sweden a buddhist tempel is being built. It will be the biggest in Europe.
The building of the temple is estimated to start during the autumn and if everything works according to plan, the opening will be in september 2005.
The temple will be about 400m2 with room for 300 people. On the roof of the temple a statue of Buddha will be placed, facing the parking-place.

At every corner of the temple, four smaller houses, about 80-90m2, will be built, with two floors each. Two of the houses will be used for sleeping accommodation and the other two for meditation

Down at the parking-place that will have room for 500 cars and that will be situated by the old sawmill area, there will also be a conference hall for up to 800 people. In the facilities there will be a kitchen equipped for recieving and heating food. One part of the conference hall will be built in two floors where the down floor will be used for conferences, theatre and dance performances.

The area that will be used for this is about 8 hectares (19.768 acres) large. The houses will be built out of swedish wood with some ornamentation from Thailand.
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