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Buena Vista: In all sizes

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Atlanta French Eclectic

Thats what those dressy stucco barns are called.

I would say "attempeted French eclectic" since most are very poor interpritations of the style. Atlanta seems to do this often in very bold ways with many different styles.
Very nice pictures of a beautiful W-S neighborhood. Some interesting history there. Thanks for sharing.

As far as the post, approximately how tall was it and where was it in relationship to the street and the house? Hard to tell from the photos.
If the concrete post is at a street corner, then it may have been in a street marker. We have some old ones around Macon, GA that looks like that.
Matthew, my knowledge of Winston-Salem has been far improved via your posts and I encourage you to continue at full-speed. This city is FULL of great looking residential areas and forumers would appreciate whatever exposure they can get on Winston-Salem's neighborhoods. Fantastic tour, and VERY informative :eek:kay:
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:) Thank you everyone for the replies!

It looks like it could be a street marker, but it has that metal thing on the back? I thought it could be a call box (police/fire department), but I didn't see a wire. It's about 2 1/2 - 3 feet tall and located at a street corner. Could the metal piece be a sign holder (street sign?)? It was only on one side. I was in Macon two years ago, but never had the chance to look at any houses there. The Downtown was very impressive though. That would lead me to believe the neighborhoods would also be equally impressive. I still remember the classical styled performance theatre.

The older French Eclectic houses, like what you see in this thread are built to last! Thick brick or stone walls, they could double as fallout shelters. :lol: That's one thing that stood-out the most to me. These older houses are very solid and require a level of craftsmanship rarely found today. The roofing materials on these old houses are designed to last 100+ years! Compare that to today's houses. The newer houses aren't built as well and are very pre-fab. The older houses feature a lot of hand made work and a high level of skill from the workers building them. When an older house is brick, it's usually brick on all four sides also, with lots of decorative features. On today's houses, builders cut corners to save money and that's one of the ways they save money. You should see the framing in these old houses! The boards are bigger and the frames are better braced. Again, these are solid! If you're thinking about buying a home, look at some of the older houses in your city first. They are better!
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Matthew, I wish you lived in Raleigh, so you can find out about all those historic facts we tend to ignore :) Really great to know all those details that make a place more interesting and exciting to visit. Keep up the great work. This is the best way to show off the city you wish to represent :eek:kay:
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Thank you for the nice comment! Raleigh is a beautiful city and is very well represented here, by quality forum members. I wish Winston-Salem was represented as well as Raleigh is. I don't think you guys need me, but if I can help, let me know. :D I like Raleigh and list it as one of my favorite cities for it's history and architecture. I would like to visit Durham sometime soon. Every city I photograph for the forums, I research and try to bring it to life in the thread, through history, current projects, famous people and more. I also like to visit cities or places that we don't see on the forums or places we read about, but haven't seen. Maybe one day soon I'll do a thread like this for the Raleigh-Durham area. I haven't had much time lately for photos. I also need a new camera. I like the quality of shots from your camera. I've been looking at the Cannon, but I still haven't decided on a camera I want or saved the money for the purchase. It's something I need to buy for my travels though.
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