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What made Buenos Aires so important since the foundation of the city was the port. The Rio de la Plata was always one of the most relevant commercial points of the south of the continent. Due to the low depth of the river, the ships arrived at an established point and then transported their merchandise into the land within smaller boats.

But everything changed with the construction of Puerto Madero, raised by the visionary generation of 1880 on Argentina. From all the submitted projects, the most impractical one was built: the one with 6 small docks, perfect for the big ships of that time, but turned obsolete within the next 10 years, when a newer port (Puerto Nuevo) was made, leaving Puerto Madero abandoned.

In the 1990s, a new neighborhood was created. Puerto Madero was converted into an exclusive place for the new-rich people where the tallest buildings of Argentina were built. Among these is the YPF Tower,the gorgeous work of art of C茅sar Pelli.

These are the pictures:

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