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Buffalo Bass Pro Debate & Forum: June 20

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A quick plug for a debate and public forum that will be held at the Montante Cultural Center at Canisius College on Main Street in Buffalo at 6:30pm Wednesday June 20th.

The WNY Coalition for Progress and will be hosting the "Bass Pros and Cons" event, and panelists include:

Scot Fisher, preservation activist
Jim Ostrowski, founder of Free Buffalo
Larry Quinn, Member of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp
Carl Paladino, local developer

The panel will be moderated by Stefan Mychajliw from WGRZ TV-2. The public is invited to attend free of charge, and submit questions on index cards, which will be provided.
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do you all really feel that Bass Pro is going to be bad for downtown Buffalo?

I have said it again...they are the only major retailer who has offered to build on the harbor...nobody else.

People are not going to drive all the way into downtown to see an old harbor of what used to be unless there is something else to do (Bass Pro shoppers, Casino gamblers)

A nice green park (something Buffalo has plenty of) would be nice if there was nothing offering to move in and generate sales tax much sense does it make to pay for a park and take in NO tax revenue vs. having a store that is of "National status" adding dollars to the coffers what if they only have to pay 1/3 of a million $ to the city for the "canal club" they are giving much more than that by generating business.

The people in Buffalo who don't fish, hunt and camp will never realize the popularity of it...MILLIONS in the region alone.

I pray that the people of Buffalo and the local business community thats left can realize the positive effects of this and maybe get some to stop waiting for Ikea and Pottery barn to move in downtown. :eek:hno:
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