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Buffalo: Dust Free!

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These aren't any great shakes, but I got my sensor cleaned and I'm just excited to not have to PhotoShop 25+ giant dust spots out of every photo I take.

Summer, summer, summer slowly turned into fall
Me and my baby doll never went to the beach
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere was a place we could run
On the sand with the sun always just out of reach
Somewhere sunny summer's marching to a different drummer
Singing summer, summer, summer's gonna turn into fall
You and your baby doll better go to the beach 'cause

Love is lighter than air; it floats away if you let go
Love is lighter than air; it rises through the falling snow"

A crime, crime, crime sin and illness is time
Neither reason nor rhyme can obstruct his bad dance
The nasty little swine slipped us mickeys in wine
Wove his hair into twine and then tied our hands
We're forced to watch him wriggle and endure his fulsome giggle
And his mime, mime, mime, unforgivable mime
Our one chance is to climb into blimps of romance
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That close-up of Buffalo City Hall is incredible! The new court house is coming along nicely.
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