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Nothing can ever just be normal. I went to the fireworks "at Coca-Cola Field" on Friday night. It turns out they're not "at Coca-Cola Field" at all, but over the river, so the hundreds of us who were all nice and settled at the train station had to pick up and find a new spot once the fireworks started and we realized they were behind us and on the other side of the highway. As you can see from the photos I found a spot beneath an overpass and it was actually kind of a neat place to watch from... partly because I was alone, and partly because the fireworks were very loud and close, and all the noise echoed, and it was almost frightening.

Saturday I went to the fireworks at the harbor, which was a much nicer place to see fireworks. It was comfortable despite the crowds, and they started while there was still some blue in the sky (plus the moon) so it was just a beautiful display. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as long or impressive as the Friday show.

When I was just a child, my folks would drive me wild
They'd spy upon my every move until it drove me to despair
They told me what to wear, they told me when to cut my hair
But that's all over now, I had to tell them anyhow

It's my affair
Where I go and what I do is my affair
It's up to me and not to you, it's my affair

That's the way I want to keep it, I kissed a boy in secret
Thrilled me to the very core, I couldn't stop I wanted more and
I didn't hear the door and they caught me on the floor
With my affair

And when we first got wed, we used to stay in bed
All day and night all night and day, we bedded half our lives away
But that's all over now, we move in higher circles
Chomping through the upper crust, I couldn't see you for the dust
And then you met that girl who left you with your money spent
And now it's no concern of yours if I sleep with the president
It's my affair

And if I don't come home tonight, it's my affair alright
Who I see is up to me, it's my affair

That's how I want to keep it, I kiss the boys in secret
Hiding in the parking lot is just as far as I have got but
If the phone should ring and there's no one there
Then it's my affair

Eso es asunto de ella, donde va y lo que hace

Well it's all over now, you've seen the last of me
And I don't have to put up with you giving me the third degree
So you go on your way and don't come sneaking round the back door
Trying to get yourself back in where you're not wanted anymore
It's my affair

That's how I want to keep it, I kiss the boys in secret
Making eyes at perfect strangers, I know that it could be dangerous
So if the phone should ring and there's no one there then it's my affair

Donde va y lo que hace
Si yo vivo mi vida feliz y contenta a nadie eso le importa
Donde va y lo que hace
Si mi queda afuera toda la noche es asunto mio
Donde va y lo que hace
Es que sufrí por ese amór que un día me traicionó
Donde va y lo que hace
Who i see is up to me-o, es mi asunto a quien yo veo
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