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We'll try this again...

This thread is exclusively to discuss the Buffalo GTG.

Anybody who hijacks or trolls this thread with basically anything not pertaining directly to the Buffalo GTG will have their account suspended.
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only in a Buffalo thread for a meet up would we have to start over....LOL

Thanks JHouse.
Buffalo Meet: Thus far.

Target dates - May 15th weekend to Mid June weekend.

Many places to eat...please everyone recommend some places.

Camera - hope you have one, you are gonna want it.

*For once, I'm gonna give props to the MetroRail, we can ride the rail from the arena to south campus in North Buffalo...which means we are gonna have the ability to cover as much of the nicer part of Buffalo as you all want.

I'll post some maps, and "must see" places soon.
Well, I think Duff's has the greatest wings I've ever eaten... but their location is a bit suburban. Some beef on weck would be nice. Beef on weck is actually quite popular in my hometown of St. Marys, PA... a full 120 miles south of Buffalo! Perhaps Buffalo's influence is more far-reaching than some would think. I'd be interested in getting a taste of Buffalo, as I hear the city has some of the best local food in the country.
If you are in Buff you have to have Fish Fry. I recommend McGinty's which is a bar across from pilot Field. Also MY favorite fast food place is Elmwood Toco and Sub at Elmwood and Delevan. They have theeeeee best Tocos (forget Mighty Taco that stuff is trash). Get the Taco Supreme. Be warned medium hot means blast furnace at this place. Buffalo means Italian food so almost anyplace you go for Eye..talian it will be good however I recomend a corner bar place called Santisieros at Lafayette and Niagara. It is just a corner bar but does a great job with some of the peasant Italian dishes. I recommend the Past e fagioli (they call it psata fasoola)
There is a festival called the "taste of Buffalo" I just can't remember when it is...that would be a great time for the meet!

anyone know???
The Allentown Art Festival is the second weekend in June. 400,000 people cram into Allentown for two days. It is really fun. The GooGoo Dolls have also started hosting a special concert at their aAllentown studios on that weekend as well
I always wanted to go to either "Taste of Buffalo" or even the Buffalo Wing Festival, if you can believe it, it was held just two days after I passed through Buffalo on my bike trip, I was so mad at myself, lol! I think TOB (Taste of Buffalo) is held in early July or late June.

Anchor Bar is an option if we're eating near downtown. Maybe Prima Pizza Pasta as well, those are the only two restaurants I have eaten @ in downtown Buffalo, but there are other places that look good as well! I'll have to look @ my Buffalo tourism guide I happen to have. But if it's in Buffalo, I'll try almost ANYTHING in any restaurant. :)
The Preservation Coalition of Erie County hosts some pretty compelling tours. You might want to coordinate a meeting with one of their events. Here's the link to their website, and their schedule.
I dunno how good the tours are, I know I have been to nearly all the sites which you see on all the tour sites on the web, they are not bad...but I think could be better to just get out and see the city, everyone with an idea with what they would want to see...and "wing" it!
"Taste of Buffalo" is July 9/10
Apparently, I have just learned that by 2006 or whenever, Canadians travelling to the United States, like me frequently, will now require a passport to get by the border...

So, next week, my dad's gonna try and get the forms for me to fill out for my passport and hopefully get my photo taken for it, the only problem is how long will it take to develop, though. It's going to cost me $80, but that's not a problem, I really want to come to this, so I'm gonna do my best to get this passport. Not only that, I wouldn't be able to live without it, because I go to the U.S. ALL THE TIME now for big events and stuff now (whether it would be to Buffalo or Detroit or Rochester). In fact, I think in the last two years, I have crossed the border twice as many times as I had in my entire life up until two years ago.

Not that it's irrelevant, but I thought I would give an update on myself so people can still remain optimistic I will be @ this meeting. :)
Jaybird, I thought that the legislation you were talking about was going to take several months to take effect. In fact, it was my understanding that it was just a proposal by our current crackhead President. There are several members of Congress who oppose it, so it might be tied up for a while, and possibly not even happen. Most things like that usually get politicized (Is that a word?) and don't happen over night. Maybe someone else has better information than this, but I think you'll be OK to get over the border at least through this summer. If I'm wrong, I hope someone else will post. I have a passport, but I have some friends who don't.
about passports:

i went over the border this past friday when up in buffalo to visit the grandparents. i didn't need a passport at all. in fact, we spent about 30 seconds with the customs agent before he let us through. he checked our license plate with the system and saw we corss somewhat regularly. as it is, i cross over the border one direction or the other about 8 or 10 times a year, almost all times in the summer (grandparents live in buffalo, have a cottage n port colborne). most times, they just ask where we're going and if we have anything to declare. occasionally, they ask for id, at which point i show them my driver's license. i don't have a passport but that doesn't seem to matter just yet.

so i think you are okay to cross the border, as long as you have some id. if a guy form delaware who only crosses the border 10 times a year can get through without a problem, i'm sure you guys who live closer and cross more frequently will be fine.
Crack head president - a very unjustified comment 007, and here is an explanation...

If people need a passport to cross over, and in order to receive a passport you have to fill out forms, thus giving info for a simple investigation. Because there are people who cross the borders who are not really allowed to, this would help the influx of some criminals and terror cell sympathizers. I saw on channel 7 in Buffalo that it will be like 96$ for a passport. If paying money for an ID that tells the border patrol I'm trusted and OK'd...then screw it gimme one, but to say its an idea unjustified by a crack head president, well I would hope you realize who is looking out for you.

As far as commerce, this may be a tricky issue unless the feds make passports cheaper for people living in areas around the border, Buffalo, Detroit and Seattle for example. If people have to endure an extra 100$ they might continue to shop and vacation on their home turf, thats not good for Buffalo.
Bush was invited to the meet-up in Buffalo you know

Okay I'm kidding, there is no way any of you will go if he is there HA
bush is going to smoke crack at this get-together? wow, can i go?
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