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Buffalo - Frank's Red Hot (photos)

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here is another downtown tour...boring...whatever. :lol:

anyways, downtown Buffalo always impresses me.

take a gander. lol

more downtown...
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Some of those pics certainly are "RED HOT", I like the one with the Central Terminal, reminds me of the pics of Hamilton looking across Lake Ontario WZ1 took once. Just think, somewhere over there lies the city of Rochester. Downtown Buffalo impresses me, too! :)
I like how you can see the OLV Basilica in the last one.

And the Bills' fieldhouse.
I believe Cafe Lococo is where Vincent Gallo went to try and use the bathroom in Buffalo 66 but was kicked out becuase they were closed. And then the place next door was the dance studio Christina Ricci was dancing in. I like that block is vacant and boarded up now.
It was a nice day out...I have a few places I wanna get to yet around downtown...primarily by Goodell, Delaware, Franklin and Chippewa.

I'm also thinking a nice summer tour of the West Village is going to happen as well. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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