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As the thread title indicates, I went back to Chestnut Ridge Sunday afternoon.

Several of the fallen trees were covered with these wild green mushrooms.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what is brook and what is land until you step in something wet.

I wish October could last longer than just 31 days.

Even the mold is prettier in the woods.

Tired of the life I lead
Tired of the blues I breathe
Tired countin' things I need
Gonna cut out wide and that's the truth
Get a brand new guy while I got my youth

Tired of the clothes I wear
Tired of the patches bare
Tired of the crows I scare
Gonna go downtown and spread my mood
Get some short vamp shoes and a new guy too

Washing, tubbing, cleaning, scrubbing
Sure leaves my glamour with a scar
Mending, mopping, starching, shopping
Don't leave me lookin' like no Hedy Lamarr

I guess by now brother you get the general idea
I am tired
No need of me kidding myself about it
Maybe he's all right
But I'm just tired
I'm gonna go to a psychiatrist
One of them rich people's doctors
He'll tell me a whole lot of words I don't understand
All about psychiatrics and metaphysics
I wonder how much he's charging me for all that?
Well, whatever he charges he'll probably end up telling me the same thing
"Pearl, you're just tired"

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Nice pictures from the woods. The surrounding area has always seemed to have a nice setting for Fall, although I don't really get a chance to experence Fall up there due to work. I think it's the little glens and gorges, and the slate rock undergruond that gets worn away, that makes the hilly landscape a little better.

Where is this Chestnut Ridge Park, by the way?

Frustrated Male Model
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It's in Orchard Park - maybe 20-25 minutes driving from downtown Buffalo. Sunday I discovered the park is a lot bigger than I had realized (Wikipedia says it's 1213 acres). I parked near a picnic shelter to take these shots, then got back in my car to drive the "South Loop". I was driving for a good 10 or 15 minutes before ending up at the shelter where I started. I'm not complaining - it was a very pleasant drive - but it gave me a sense of the scale of the park.
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