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A bunch of different stuff unworthy of a specific thread.

Chippewa Street

The sun was peeking out from behind the clouds and then disappearing almost as quickly. You can see the shadows of the clouds rolling across the city.

The obligatory Dulski progress shots.

The Lenox. I got a polarizing filter and I'm not very good at using it yet, but it did a nice job on this shot. It was probably accidental.

City Centre.

View of Buffalo from my friend's yard. Why yes, as a matter of fact I am insane with jealousy. Why do you ask?

The Gus Macker Tournament.

A women's game.

Uh, can the control board approve a Windex order?

The Wilcox Mansion - a national historic site.

Tesla Girls testing out theories
Electric chairs and dynamos
Dressed to kill and killing me
But heaven knows their recipe

You wouldn't believe me if I said
The things I've seen went over my head
I've been patient, heaven knows
I've learned the rules and how it goes
I can't sit still or settle down
And when I walk I don't touch the ground
See those girls, they're heaven blessed
I guess it's so, they know best

Tesla Girls writing in their diaries
Now and then they'll watch tv
Now and then they'll speak to me
But heaven knows their recipe

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I love buffalo city hall but there is only one problem !! PAINT IT OR CLEAN IT its walls are darker / dirty needs a good wahing job !!! any one know if they plan that ??
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