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Buffalo: Mixed Bag

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Over breakfast in a little pensione
A woman my mother used to know
Cobbled streets twisting down below
She holds my hand, tells me what I want to know

What she tells me makes me want to cry
History seems to be full of lies
I say why do you stay? She says, oh my dear...

My old haunts are in this town
All I want is all around me now
The darkest memories, the ghosts on every city street
They're at the heart of me, the part I know the best.
We've been through the wars
Now I think we're going to get some rest.

So kiss your mother for me when you get home
And settle down, you shouldn't stay so alone
Life is short but it is also long
It's not a feather but it's not such a heavy load

- Kate Jacobs
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Mixed Bag...bag o' hotness.

word! nice post WSJ...keep workin' that lens

Nice pictures. I see that you guys finally have leaves.
yea, over the last two weeks things have come into full bloom.
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