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Buffalo - Orgasm! (photo)

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I finally did it...I got my angle and I got it well.

took NMO along for the ride, but this one has been in the works for 2 years...and did it work out well? IMO oh yea.

this one will be a poster...I can't wait.

let me know what you think.

the rest are here :)
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Sweet shot, where was that taken from Roswell?
The density in front makes the skyline all the more better. It's a much better foreground than an Interstate or anything like that. Great picture.
Beautifully done, BuffCity, and, possibly this should be used as a banner for SSC, which we've been trying to come up with for some time now, what do you think? Should we try this? I think it would show Buffalo's true density.

Here would be a good example:

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Wow, that's perfect. The angle, the lighting, the color of the sky...
truely awesome!
You mind if I steal this one for wallpaper?

I might just have to buy a print of this one.
No doubt that's a gem BC, thanks for thinking of us.
great angle, buffcity. this is really a nice pic.
absolutely gorgeous pic, BuffCity.
a masterpiece.

i think it would great as a often do the banners change?
you'd be shocked at the amount of people that think Buffalo isn't a major city.
that banner would sure show them.
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I agree, totally awesome pic BuffCity!
BuffCity, I'm gonna make it partially worth your two years of work for this, because I will buy a copy of this photo from you! :)
anyone who goes to the Buffalo meet will get one...8x10 for free. can tell all your buffalo crazy friends about it :)
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