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Buffalo: Scooby-Dooby-Doo

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The kooky house on Days Park.

The Scooby-Doo house down the street.

Top three floors of the Scooby-Doo house.

The fountain in Days Park.

Days Park.

The Easter Egg house on Elmwood.

Though it ebbs and flows, my dislike of HSBC Tower never goes away completely.

I PhotoShopped the tumbleweed out.

A handsome building that's often overlooked. Being across the street from Ellicott Square doesn't help.

Speaking of...

Seriously, what the **** were people thinking?

What did the bird say when it flew over K-Mart? Cheep! Cheep!

You've been around for such a long time now
Oh baby, I could leave you but I don't know how
And why should I be lonely every night
When I can be with you, oh yes, you make it right
And I don't listen to the guys who say
That you're bad for me and I should turn you away
Cause they don't know about us, and they've never heard of love

I get a feeling when I look at you
Wherever you go now, I want to be there too
They say we're crazy but I just don't care
And if they keep on talking still they get nowhere
So I don't mind if they don't understand
When I look at you and you hold my hand
Cause they don't know about us, and they've never heard of love

Why should it matter to us if they don't approve?
We should just take our chances while we've got nothing to lose

Baby, there's no need for living in the past
Now I've found good love I'm gonna make it last
I tell the others not to bother me
But when they look at you they don't see what I see
No, I don't listen to their wasted lines
Got my eyes wide open and I see the signs
They don't know about us, and they've never heard of love

- Kirsty MacColl
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LOL, you're crazy! Good pictures, thanks
I love the Fashion Corner store on Main St. Certainly a bastion of haute couture I bet.
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