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the main reason i am making this thread is because i am finally showing my point abino pictures in my own thread. steel insisted i make a thread for them, but i told him that i haven't done it since i took the pictures back in august because i don't think it's appropraite to show pictures of canada in an american forum (even though point abino is really a getaway for americans; steel tried to get me to post the pictues on those premises). this thread had pictures of buffalo from places in canada, so there is a direct tie-in with the united states for this thread, which gave me reason to post the picturees of the cottages and whatnot on point abino. there are some pictures of the buffalo skyline from the private area of point abino, so there is also a tie-in between skyline pictures and point abino pictures.

i posted the opint abino pictues in the "water buffalo" thread, and i told steel that i was expecting you guys to see them in there. no one responded, which surprised me; every time i post a thread on delaware or wilmington, i'm discouraged to see it near the bottom of the page in a matter of hours because you guys keep bumping up buffalo threads with discussions and commentary. so i figured i would finally benefit from all the buffalo discussion. ;)

while i'm at it, i'm posting pictures of fort erie and the highland games from early september. i also took skyline pictures from there, as well.

PART 1: BUFFALO SKYLINE PICTURES (i believe i posted these back in september)

buffalo from point abino

buffalo from crystal beach


the rich family cottage

some cottages

the lighthouse

looking west towards port colborne. the white blob on the shoreline in the middle of the picture is port colborne.

port colborne again

looking towards the united states from the tip of the point.

the lighthouse

the buffalo skyline to the east. since it was morningtime, the skyline was only a silhouette. i have evening pictures of the skyline from various places like point abino or crystal beach where the skyline is much clearer.

the skyline again

looking from the shore through the trees at some cottages

the lighthouse keeper's house, from the early 1900's

buffalo skyline again

the rich family guest house

a quaint little chapel on the east side of the point.


caber tossing

part of the earthen barracks

a building inside the fort

a british flag flying over the fort, signifying that fort erie was once part of britain. part of buffalo is in the background.

scottish dancing (not to be confused with the more well-known irish dancing)

a band plays some scottish tunes.

parkland in front of the fort. i don't remember what that little monument is for anymore.

buffalo skyline from outside of the fort. i am 99% certain that buffcity has taken skyline pictures from this very spot (right by a park bench at a small parking lot, right?)

the peace bridge from fort erie.

the skyline again.

the water works station on the left, and the abandoned horseshoe reef lighthouse on the right.

buffalo again.

buffalo from the park that lines the niagara river

buffalo one more time

i have picture from buffalo ans niagara falls from early april when i was up there to watch the flyers that i haven't gotten around to posting yet. i'll post those when i have time.

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You can see the Point Abino lighthouse from Buffalo, right? Friday morning on the way into work, I was on the skyway, and while it was cloudy immediately overhead, the sunlight filtering through from the east was quite bright, and gave great contrast to the view of Canada, and I saw what looked to be that lighthouse, reflecting quite brightly on the lakeshore. I figured it would be that one, but I'm not sure what's out that way.

I think it's interesting how "big" the skyline looks from Ft. Erie (and no photo does it justice), I don't get that sensation from any other angle. Maybe because all the other angles, you have other buildings partially obstructing the view, whereas from the Canada angle you get to see the full height of them.

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Very nice shots, with incredibly interesting perspectives, and also it makes Buffalo look much larger with such great long distance sightlines.

Oh to be the Rich family...

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We have good friends of the family that live in Pt. Abino. They had a huge boat that they kept up there and I used to sepnd lots of my summers up there on it. I did lots of fishing from the docks at Pt. Abino Yacht Club where they kept the boat. I used to catch bass, perch and carp. About 15 years ago, our friends (I used to call them my aunt and uncle- it was my godparents) moved permanently from Hamburg to a house right down from the Rich's. I can't recall which one, but it might even be in one of those photos. My uncle was a prominent Buffalo attorney, and he passed away just a few years ago. Their daughter was married in that little church in those photos and my mom was in the wedding. That is a really cool area up there. It has been about 15 years since I last was up there, Id like to go back and check it out again soon. Great photos.

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Point Abino looks like a nice quaint forested place. I like the lighthouse, too. Never actually been there. Reminds me of a place called Point Clark, on Lake Huron. The only difference between this and Point Clark, is that there is no big city on your doorstep. :) Thanks for sharing them, xzmattzx!

Imagine if one lived in Fort Erie, and when they come outside, the FIRST thing they see is the Buffalo skyline, that would be sweet. Someday I will live in a place near the border of either Buffalo or Detroit, that would be sweet.

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Pt. Abino is really a cool quaint little town. I definitely recommend getting up there sometime to visit. i've heard that Crystal Beach is pretty nice too. I haven't been up there since it was the amusemnt park.

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i realized a couple days ago that there are some other beach pictures that i never showed yet at all. some of these i have shown in the ontario section, but not many. here they are:


point abino from the holloway bay beach.

the horizon is blurred as a gray sky mixes with the gray water.

the water looks gray on a cloudy day. this makes the beach feel kind of like a new england beach, especially if the lakebed nearby is rocky (much like this picture).

looking at sherkston shores from holloway bay beach.

point abino from holloway bay beach.

a cottage along the beach.

another cottage along holloway bay beach.

part of the private beach for residents of holloway bay road.

another cottage at holloway bay.

a holloway bay residence.

looking west across holloway bay from near the tip of point abino. the beach rock, which basically forms a sheet of rock for hundreds of yards in many places along the lake, can be seen here.

the point abino lighthouse from the western tip of point abino.

the lighthouse

looking across the submerged beach rock at the lighthouse.

the irregularity of the beach rock kills the waves butt allows water to continue in, creating small, calm lagoons in places.

another tiny lagoon at point abino.

looking past the beach rock and bushes at the point abino lighthouse.

looking acros holloway bay at port colborne on a cloudy day.


looking east at point abino from sherkston.

pleasant beach road as it ends at the beach.

the pleasant beach lodge is hidden behind a small sand dune at pleasant beach.

a small sand dune at pleasant beach.

pleasant beach

a schooner on the horizon sails towards port colborne.

looking at point abino from sherkston shores on a clear evening.

looking at point abino from a sand dune at sherkston shores.

looking towards the holloway bay cottages from sherkston.

some cottages at sherkston, with a shipwreck in the distance.

sherkston cottages at elco beach.

looking across beach rock at a shipwreck of a barge that beached at a sandbar only 1 foot underwater back in 1979.

sunset at sherkston shores.

crystal clear water at sherkston shores.

the sand dunes at sherkston.

looking east at point abino from sherkston shores.


condos in crystal beach on the site of the old crystal beach amusement park. these condos look like the condos i see at the beaches in delaware new jersey, so it's like a little bit of home up in canada. one thing i don't like about building the condos on the amusement park site is that you still have that concrete wall at the shoreline, so there's no beach for the people living there.

looking west at point abino and the point abino lighthouse from waterfront park in crystal beach.

point abino from waterfront park on a hazy summer evening.

looking across abino bay.

looking west towards bay beach, a small community of cottages between crystal beach and point abino.

sailboats on abino bay.

sailboats going past the point abino lighthouse.

looking east at some of the cottages in crystal beach on thunder bay.

some cottages on crystal beach drive in crystal beach.

queen's circle in the heart of residential crystal beach.

large cottages on erie road in the bay beach area. i'm told that pretty much all of these cottages are owned by wealthy bankers and attorneys from new york.

looking at abino bay from the eastern side of point abino. the buffalo canoe club and buffalo yacht club are at the left.

abino bay from point abino.


looking south from the clarence street bridge at the welland canal. this narrow section of the canal in the foreground is the original channel of the welland canal. in the distance is the most modern, widened canal.

some shops on west street.

more shops on west street, with some ships docked along the edge of the canal.


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that barge at Sherkston Beach has been there at least since the 1960's. I remeber it from when I was a little kid back then.

Do you have any more pictures of the older beachfront cottages in Crystal Beach?

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^^ you're right with the barge, because i just remembered that a couple of my uncles sailed out to it one day and alked around on it back when they were teenagers. there's no deck anymore obviously. for some reason, 1979 was in my head. maybe it was 1957 when it happened. in any case, the newspaper article of it is on the wall i the lodge at pleasant beach.

nope, i don't have any more picture of crystal beach cottage. i was more concerned about taking pictures of the lake while up there. my memory card holds only 275 pictures, and i used them all last summer on niagara falls, point abino, lake erie scenery, buffalo city hall observatory, etc. so pictures of cottages were easy to cross off of the list or ignore completely if i was running out of mamory space.

the beach that i am at in the summer might be in some of those pictures. but i am not going to disclose which one. of course, if you want to search me out, you can comb all of the beaches and look for a guy wearing eagles, phillies, sixers, flyers, or university of delaware gear. i doubt anyone else on the beach would be wearing that.
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