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I'm a church snob. I grew up attending a huge baroque church -all stained glass and gilt surfaces and marble statues. Smaller churches, no matter how lovely or interesting, aren't on my radar, and I miss out on a lot of beauty because of this. St. Mary on the Hill is only a few blocks from my house, and I pass it several times a week, yet I just noticed today that demolition is in progress.

I can just imagine Lil' Red and St. Mary's swapping stories about falling apart and being very expensive to fix.

The inside.

The space where the front window used to be

Right across the street.

She called me up the other day and left a message on my machine
She called to say you broke her heart and she wondered if I'd seen you
I didn't know what to do
I never called her back
How could I break the news like that?

No, I don't want to see Caroline
Don't want to see her face when she finds out you're mine
Can't look in her eyes and tell her love is blind
No, I don't want to see Caroline

How can I want you so bad? She has to lose again
How could you walk out on her and turn to her best friend?
It was wrong from the start
I wish I'd turned you away
My head said go but my heart, my heart said stay

And now I don't want to see Caroline
Don't want to see her cry when she knows you're mine
Can't look in those eyes and tell her she'll be fine
No, I don't want to see Caroline

I'm so ashamed of myself but I still want you
What a terrible thing for a friend to do
I think I've gone too far this time
I leapt across that thin blue line
God help this selfish heart of mine

And I don't want to see Caroline
I can never face Caroline

Though I lie here with you can't get her out of my head
Do you think she knows that you share my bed?

Well I don't want to see Caroline
Don't want to see her face when she finds you're mine
How could a friend be so unkind?
No, I don't want to see Caroline

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I drove by a few days ago. What a shame. This is another case of demolition-by-neglect where an out of town owner ignored and dragged their feet on code compliance. Completely avoidable. We need a much more aggressive inspections department, especially when it comes to these out of town landlords. Put liens on the property, issue warrants for arrest, seize the property and auction it, whatever it takes. Obviously, warning letters aren't having enough impact.

Here's a Buffalo Rising story on it from a couple of months ago - makes me angry.

I don't know whether they are going to keep the walls standing or not. Are they bringing down the tower? When I saw it, there was a "chunk" missing from the tower but it was mostly intact.
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