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Yes, this is Blessed Sacrament Church on Leroy Avenue. I don't know if you can tell from these pictures but the bricks are placed in a random pattern that's very interesting up close. It's more pronounced in some sections than in others. I'm eager to see the inside of this building.

The facade looking down Leroy Avenue.

You can sort of see the brick pattern on the upper section.

From the back of the church.

From the side.

Statues flanking the front door.

A basket of apples by the back door beneath the sweater pegs
The autumn leaves lift along the street a pair of dancing legs
Same as the vendor who likes to sing as loudly as he can
And all he says is "it suits me fine just the way I am"

Speak a little softer, and work a little louder, shoot less with more care
And sing a little sweeter, and love a little longer, and soon you will be there
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