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Some of the lovely homes on one block of Linwood Avenue

More from the same block of Linwood

Still on that same block

Ok, this is the last one

Art on Wheels

Now we're on Delaware Avenue

The Campanile apartment building on Delaware Avenue

Wait a second... how did I get to North Tonawanda?

There are a lot of bridges here

Ok, back in Buffalo



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word up!

I love the Buckingham.

Have you ever been inside? Yikes, it's like something from a movie. My cousin used to live there a few years ago and every night i was there you would hear fighting and arguing, and see crackheads walking around the hallways. It wasn't pretty and we got her out of there. Too bad, it's a beautiful building from the outside. I guess beauty isn't skin deep after all.:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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