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On Squaw Island on a stormy day.

The outer wall of a lock in the Black Rock Canal.

Long exposure looking up at the out-of-focus stars.

Another tree, another long exposure.

A tree near the Historical Society with Mirror Lake in the background.

Ok, I cheated. This isn't really a tree, it's an evergreen shrubbery in my yard.

Tree-booger behind the Historical Society.

Buffalo is so 70s even the lakes are split level.

The Japanese Garden.

Mirror Lake.

Its bark is worse than its bite. But not worse than my puns!

I know you think I'm with this guy but really I'm alone
He doesn't care if I live or die, or if I stay or go
So if you want to talk to me I'm sure it would be fine
And if you want to fall in love I know that he won't mind

I'll be easy to steal 'cause he don't hold me too tight
Easy to steal 'cause he's too lazy to fight
And even though I kind of wish he'd lock me up inside his heart
I know he never will
And even though I love him so you know I'll be easy to steal

I know we're here, side by side in this romantic bar
And ithis might look like love to you but that's not how things are
Can it be love when someone leaves you lonely all the time?
And even when you're in his arms you're never on his mind?

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Glad I didn't miss this thread! Trees should be given a little play on Skyscrapercity. They are after all a component of the skyline. From evergreen spires in cool climates, to palm fronds in warm places, trees add a lot of character to many urban residential areas.
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