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Buffalo - Wool Jacket Mustard (photos)

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This is a nice little D' Youville, Richmond Ave...westside tour, nothing grand but just a little light for the neighborhoods.

nice area. :cheers:

check out the rest
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Symphony Circle is a nice area. I didn't know there were some houses that small in that area though.
That building For Sale would make awesome lofts!
I never seen this area of Buffalo before! Lot of small houses, though. Nicely done again!
Great Pics BuffCity! I really like the richmond ones. I've tried to take that last one you have looking down Niagara St. But I always get frustrated with the ugly streetlights. They Should make Niagara St into a parkway or something.
yea, this area is very impressive...and to think I had never took this route before...I love walking Buffalo, such a wonderful city. :cheers:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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