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building projects around sheffield,dearn valley,dinnington maltby .

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would be good to see some info and pictures of the areas around the industrial estates,transformations of old mining towns
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I live pretty close to Manvers in Dearne Valley. I'll try and get some pictures.
I was brought up in Thurnscoe and this seems to be going on:

The redevelopment of one of the 1960s slum estates in to a modern living space with about 900 mixed tenure properties. This will be a definite improvement and hopefully a major boost to the area.
Good news about the fire station at Manvers. Will this mean that the fire station at Mexborough will close? (Is this even still functional, i'm not sure?)
Yeah it'll replace sites at Brampton and Mexborough. Work has started and it should be completed in March 2010. It's a £5.5m facility designed by Bond Bryan so it should be a good addition to the area. It'll have training facilities and rooms available for community use too.
Dearne Valley Eco-vision published

Consultants at urban regeneration experts, Urbed have published the Dearne Valley Eco-vision.

Developed by the Dearne Valley Special Board, the vision would see the Dearne Valley reimagined as an eco-valley.

Features include new transport links, developing environmental technologies, efficient and sustainable land use and strong communities, with purpose, identity and cohesion.

In the Foreword local MP, John Healey states that: "This is a project which could once again place the Dearne on the national map. The eco vision will see a move to a high quality, low carbon environment bringing new jobs and leading technologies and techniques to tackle climate change. There will be opportunities for everyone in the Dearne to become involved."

The vision incorporates a new "lean green economic model" based on growing and managing natural assets through forestry, conservation and tourism and developing a new low carbon infrastructure through new energy and eco-building services.
i see dinnington especially laughton common has changed with a complete rebuild.houses factory units ect
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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