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Out of interest (the interest created by the citytalk forum) how many buildings above 50m in height are there in Manchester.

I have a few, and can edit if and when people give me more, if I have made any mistakes then please point them out, there are some tallish ones I am not sure about as well.

Only ones in what you'd call central Manchester please.

So we have

Beetham 169m
CIS 118m
City Tower 107m
Arndale house 90m
Town Hall 87m?
Portland house 80m
CJC 80m
North tower 80m (maybe technically Salford, but being about 100m away from Manchester Cathedral I'll allow it)
The Peninsula 77.5m?
3 Hardman Street 75m
Great North Tower 72m
Jefferson Place 70m
Lighthouse 67m
Palace Hotel 66m
Cypress Place 65m
Britton House 65m
111 Piccadilly 64m
Skyline central 64m
Albert Bridge house 64m
Tempus tower 64m
Isis 64m
No. 1 deansgate 62m
the edge 60m
chancery place 60m
the edge 60m
maths and social sciences uni building 60m
st james building 60m
three piccadilly place 60m
leftbank 60m
lowry house 58m
unite tower 58m
minshull st courts 57m
park gateway 57m
ramada 56m
royal exchange 55m
bank chambers 55m
st james house 55m
1 New york street 55m
1 marsden st 52m
82 king st 52m
park gateway 51m
town hall extension 50m
zenith building 50m

that's what I've got, any additions or corrections?

I know it doesn't matter, as Manchester is what it is regardless, but it's of interest.

what is the name of that building by chancery place that has a rounded top and is brown/tan and it's height?

thanks :)
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