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Buildings that have been moved to a new location

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Cook's cottage, Melbourne Australia

The cottage was constructed in 1755 in the English village of Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. In 1933 the owner of the cottage decided to sell it...

...The cottage was deconstructed brick by brick and packed into 253 cases and 40 barrels for shipping. Cuttings from ivy that adorned the house were also taken and planted when the house was re-erected in Melbourne.

Cooks' Cottage just before it was dismantled and moved to Melbourne in 1934.

Melbourne, Australia

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Wow, they moved THAT house to another continent? Why would someone do this? I mean, it looks just like a normal house to me, nothing, really nothing special about it...
The cottage is of great historical importance to Australia. The house was originally constructed by Captain James Cook's parents (in England). Why is that important? Well Captain James Cook was the first European to make contact with the East Coast of Australia in 1770. :)
That explains a lot! Nice story.

To add to the list: In Bucharest there are several churches and monasteries that have been moved for the development of Ceausescu's Civic Centre plan. I'm talking in the scale of 100 meter, not nearly moving buildings from continent to continent.

In that scale: the Cleopatra's Needles in Paris (Place de la Concorde), London (Victoria Embankment) and New York (Central Park) are shipped from Egypt. So were the 14 obelisks in Rome that have been moved there in roman times
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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