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Bulimba today, one of my favourite Brisbane suburbs. I used to play soccer for the Southside Eagles at Memorial Park, and also have seen many, many movies from the late 70's on at the Balmoral Cinema. I remember the pub when it used to be rough as hell (it was nicknamed the "blood and guts").

The whole area is very upmarket now, and a lovely inner-city hideaway type suburb.

You can see the ramp from when the car ferry crossed the river here

1969 last tram from Bulimba, and old Library, comparison to the modern picture above

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Love the shots. Bulimba really is an excellent pocket of Brisbane and Oxford Street is an asset to Brisbane.
Visitor guides to Brisbane have recommended tourists to visit the suburb like West End and Paddington.

Feels more like a middle ring suburb as opposed to an inner city suburb. The fact it's on the southern shores of the Brisbane River also helps it feel more "distant".

You forgot to mention that it's home to this person when he's not in Washington, New York or London.

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Also love Bulimba -> it always feels to me like a small village like Montville down Oxford St than a part of Brisbane.
Thought Rudd lived in Norman Park?
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