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Burj Al Arab vs. Emirates Palace

  • Burj Al Arab

    Votes: 43 58.1%
  • Emirates Palace

    Votes: 31 41.9%

Burj Al Arab vs. Emirates Palace

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which one you guys like more ???
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the emirates place is so huge and luxury but in the end it can't match burj al arab cuz it's much more luxurious :) Emirates palace is execellent though
i don't agree with that :) burj al arab is much more luxurious :)
smussuw said:
Why do I think that am the only one who thinks the Emirates Palace is way better then Burj Al Arab?
i admire the palace alot it is so special and reflects arabian luxury even though it doesn't match BAA
DarkBlueBoss said:
exterior , i think Burj Al Arab Wins for its amazing and unique design (Daring design)

however , burj al arab, is too bright, and its kinda over done with the interior colors,

however, emirates palace is more suttle, classic yet modern, very classy and just drips of luxury and prestige
i don't agree ... burj al arab's interior is waaaaay better and nicer u even get a higher feeling of luxury in burj al arab .. Emirates palace has a nicely designed exterior but in matters if interior i don't think it can be even compared to BAA maybee to Emirates Towers hotel
DarkBlueBoss said:
^ i agree , actually the interior is much nicer than Burj al Arab's interior
hahaha now that was one funny post :D not 2day not even after 10000000000 years :p
fahed said:
I didn't believe that any hotel could beat BAA, but EP did and with honor.

BAA has two features EP doesn't offer

1. Height

2. Underground Resturant

When I drive by the Corniche I can't stop staring at the palace, it's just amazing!

If you want to compare Burj Al Arab, you would better compare it with the gate of Emirates Palace and not the whole thing ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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