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Burj Al Arab vs. Emirates Palace

  • Burj Al Arab

    Votes: 43 58.1%
  • Emirates Palace

    Votes: 31 41.9%

Burj Al Arab vs. Emirates Palace

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which one you guys like more ???
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DUBAI said:
ok, after those pics, definatly burj, al arab, classic arhitcture like that and esuclators dont mix!

it looks like the internet shat all over a fake antique!


seriously, definatly the burj, that foyer is a long way from luxuary, if they want VIP guests they should demolish it snd start again before it becomes an embarssment to abu dhabi.

why the hell would it be an embarssment to abu dhabi.........

it might not be as nice as the burj as a design but it's up there with the top 5 hotels..............and has it's own style that compliments abu dhabi
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1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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