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Burnaby’s Lougheed neighborhood is slated to become the futuristic “City of Lougheed.”

According to developer Shape Properties Corp., the $7 billion project will transform the area into a downtown-style urban centre over the next 30 years. Forty acres of land surrounding Lougheed Centre will house 23 new highrise towers, as well as a plethora of retail and public spaces. Marketed as “Canada’s Largest New Master Plan,” Shape’s proposal was adopted by Burnaby city council in August 2016. Shape plans to create a “pedestrian and transit-oriented centre with a fuller and better integrated range of uses, leading to a more complete and self-sufficient town centre,” according to the developer’s proposal submitted to city hall

If approved, new highrise towers would soar up to 65 floors, becoming the tallest residential structures in the city. Most of these buildings would encircle Lougheed Town Centre SkyTrain station, which itself will be renovated to become a weather-protected “transit plaza” similar to New Westminster SkyTrain station. Connecting to the transit plaza will be a covered outdoor “pedestrian spine” flanked by retail space. The main north-south connector will feature a grand promenade, linking Cameron Street to the transit plaza, while the main east-west connector will be Cross Creek. Both routes will feature pedestrian-friendly paths with retail and public spaces.

The new construction will add 11,000 residential units to the city, nearly double the number at Shape’s 6,000-unit project at Brentwood.

“While the two projects are based on the same general fundamentals, the details of their design will make each project unique,” said Darren Kwiatkowski, executive vice-president of Shape Properties Corp. “While Brentwood will feel like an urban metropolis, Lougheed will feel like an urban oasis with a strong emphasis on parks and lush greenery.”
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