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MGM Lands in Busan

SEOUL (AFX) - US movie studio MGM Inc is seeking to build its first ever overseas theme park in South Korea's southern city of Busan, the company's publicity agent and Busan City officials said.

MGM and Busan City plan to jointly build the 'MGM Studio Park', with Busan City providing the land -- one mln square meters -- and infrastructure, the company's publicity agent said here.

'It is MGM's first overseas theme park and will be the model of a future theme park,' the agent said, adding that MGM film content and South Korean IT technology will be combined for the project.

The first phase will require some 600 mln usd by 2010, including the park, a hotel and other facilities, it said, adding that a memorandum of understanding on the deal would be signed here Wednesday.

But Yoon Jong-Suk, a manager of Busan City Hall, said MGM and Busan City had not yet agreed upon details of the contract, including land price.

'We have selected MGM as the preferred bidder to build a theme park on one mln square meters of land,' Yoon told Agence France-Presse, adding that a main contract would be signed within a year.

The theme park will be a part of a tourism complex Busan is building in the eastern part of the city.

'MGM has opted for Busan over rivals including Seoul and Jeju island,' he said, noting that Disney has a theme park in Tokyo and is apparently planning one in Shanghai after building a park in Hong Kong while Universal Studios has its own in Osaka.

South Korea's Lotte Group also operates a sprawling in-door theme park in eastern Seoul.

MGM plans to set up a movie studio in the Busan park so that visitors may witness the making of films, Yoon said.

For MGM, which operates a movie theme park in Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, a Busan theme park will be a first overseas movie theme park, the agent said.

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East Busan Tourism Theme Park Development Concept(동부산관광단지 개발개요)

East-Busan Tourism Complex

Location: Sirang-li & Daebyun, Kijang-eup, Kijang-gun,
Busan Metropolitan City, KOREA
• Project Area: 1st stage 3,638,310

, 2nd stage app. 1,983,000
㎡ • Purpose: World-class multi-purpose tourism complex development
• Period: Maximum10 years from the starting date of the project

Duration can be modified according to the investor’s project plan

• Cost: Estimated to be 5 trillion korean won(

Supporting budget for
foundational facility cost is not included.)
• Development Method: Investor’s Direct investment, Master
Developer (MD per Zone is also possible.)
• Contents: Theme Park, Leisure/Multi-purpose/Tourism Culture,
Health, Business, Lodging, Marine sports facility, etc (All facilities
fall under the tourism development law.)
Bird's eye view


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Themepark development Contractor was decided-CJ Entertainment(Korean Entertainment Company)-2009.10

Focus-No MGM! No Marble Themepark development! only Korean Themepark Development... Contractor is CJ Entertainment,CJ will develop this into Korean Typical Themepark Zone(same as Everland).

Developer-BMC(Busan Metropolitan city Corporation)
Contractor-CJ Entertainment(Themepark),S&R Consortium(Leisure Complex),Posco Consortium(Main Contractor)

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Development News-2009.10.31

Dongbusan Tourist Complex, Korean movies and video theme park acceleration

Dongbusan Tourist Complex, the core facility of the 'Korean Movie ㆍ video theme park construction project confirmed doemyeonseo is promoting it with this speed. In the meantime, work with foreign companies promoting the difficulties faced itttara musan doemyeonseo Dongbusan tourism business is just creating a new electricity was right. Business conducted late last month in Busan, who is 04, and CJ ㈜ for creating a theme park joint venture agreement was signed.

Dongbusan tourist complex in feces from the Haeundae beach area Songjeong gijanggun from 353 ㎡ and recreational and cultural facilities in the theme park, entertainment facilities, accommodation and shopping facilities, built to attract tourists outside countries ㆍ cheryuhyeong tourism and leisure complex will be established to .

Busan City to promote efficient business for the 04 theme parks, sports ㆍ resort district, entertainment district, Beach District and plans to develop divided into four districts. The Korean movie theme park ㆍ video images in addition to the main theme, movie music and sports (games), kids, world food and consists of 5 content.

5 caught up in organic content increased with each other directly involved taking effect, and visitors can experience the most intriguing chapters is a great feature. For example, viewers of the movie filmed scenes on the set to see the actual movie extras to participate as a concept is made.

Theme Park also created the largest venues in this place is growing daily leads performances of various artists. Mixed martial arts ㆍ ㆍ e-sports, extreme sports, sports, John arranged for the new generation will be various educational experience for children cheheomjang facilities and food also will enter the world.

The theme park is opening in early 2013, the entire project is scheduled to close in 2017.

04 ohhongseok president in Busan, "when the project successfully produced more than 5 trillion won induced effects and 5 employment of thousands, 20 years after creating 4,000 billion annual revenues are expected to increase," said "The international tourist city of Busan to increase the phase opportunity to be, "he promised. 』

● blessed natural conditions, geographical advantage as a global tourist complex cheryuhyeong
Construction next year, just put 1 兆 composition Obesity
Beach theme park, four magazines, including Guro Development
Expect a significant contribution in the local economy activation

'Dongbusan tourist complex, in the Haeundae Songjeong gijanggun on behalf of the natural resources and geographical conditions ranging blessed advantage of the global tourism and leisure complex cheryuhyeong the composition is a business. The only area of approximately 3.53 million ㎡ composition obesity around 1 trillion won will be invested.

The Busan Tourism Complex Development Project Dongbusan the three Millennium projects to promote international tourism city of Busan, the phase of one step to improve the local economy is expected to contribute to activation.

04 CJ ㈜ city of Busan with the current theme, after an agreement for the composition of parts, Korean movies are trying to creating a theme park ㆍ video. CJ ㈜ and come November 04 in Busan to participate in a joint venture established, and by the end of service through the entire mast plan is planning to start building next year.

Busan City Corporation to promote efficient business end of a batch of the private sector way of doing business in the whole business, theme parks, resorts movement ㆍ 9 and entertainment districts, such as Beach District gaebalki decided to split into four businesses.

◇ theme park = approximately 50 million ㎡ of land in the center of film music, sports (games), kids, world food, organic content, such as 5 to serve as an interesting play space is decorated. First, in step 1, market research, project feasibility studies, business planning, and plans to complete by early next year, in the second half expanded investor consortium, financing, facility design, build and launch complete the theme park, plans to open early 2013 be. Busan to promote smooth business for 50 years free rental theme park land and other people permission to jiwonki ㆍ said.

◇ Exercise 9 = 118 million ㎡ ㆍ resort to the golf course (18 holes), golf driving range, promoting youth sports center, horseback riding clinic, Wedding Center facility will house sales. Busan City is 04 with conspiracy to 3rd party who first proposed golf course ENG construction firm and the National Bank of Orange ㈜ consortium was selected as the preferred bidder in the coming 11 ùÁß is expected to sign business agreements.

◇ = eomyujeomeonteupakeu entertainment district, five-star hotel, ahulretmol, theme restaurants, waterfront parks on the grounds of 1.19 million ㎡ construction plans. The first to greet visitors to the theme of health in the gateway area and a restaurant with great coastal scenery, including deluxe hotel accommodation offers a comfortable haven.

◇ Beach district = 66 million ㎡ Beach District as a spa park, Tara Place Hotel will house. Dense forest and coastal scenery, with views back in. Place Hotel in implementing the concept of wellness as a symbol of beauty and recreation space for women interested in providing space for visitors is the static relaxation.

04 professional sinmungi Busan City said, "CJ ㈜ theme park developed by the composition of the business operations as well as participate directly in the content, so the space would be more interested in alchago," he said.

● Korean-wave theme of Mike?
Original theme parks and recreational facilities oriented differentiation
新 space with a variety of content rendering

ㆍ video movie theme park tour Dongbusan just been selected as a joint venture with CJ ㈜ and the concept of the traditional amusement park with a theme park can be divided clearly. Recreational facilities are constantly changing and evolving as possible to exclude content Parks (Contents Park) to create a concept, content, images around the music, sports (games), and each consists ㆍ Kids organic content, caught up with each other huge plays is to create space.

Theme park that serves as the center of the visual content of the movie sets maryeon, movie and TV filming at the scene and the scene as an extra chamyeoke and is open to visitors. Location and attractions also attract visitors and reconciliation in the famous movie studio and recreated the scene of the movie is thrilling.

Adv video to film construction zones, the Pusan International Film Festival offers place sisahoena opening ceremony and the party also will host movie premiere. In addition, it moved to the streets of Hollywood film and exotic atmosphere, and famous film hand printed, signed memorabilia and other exhibits. With this collection of Korean stars such as Hall of Fame exhibits and installations, Japan and elsewhere in China, Southeast Asia, plans to attract tourists.

The CJ Group, a program of music content and utilizing superstar K, M Regulated download updates, time-recording and broadcasting the end rock music festivals and large events will be given awards. In addition, a large stage 1 in 365 days a year Prepare a variety of artists and musical performances can be varied. In addition, the global technology featuring DJ mixes and invited to form a bond with customers to make up the content.

Sports content, the badge and the XTM chaenyeolui maryeon fighting and two kinds of marbles on, Battle Tuna Tuna as a publicly held Internet game designed for getting around the screen will be broadcast live. In addition to directly experience the virtual space maryeon Cyber Studios, allows you to directly play the game.

Children's facilities include two week experience kids are content. CJ's Mini for children in the village children, based on a variety of broadcasters and movie content, the sugar factory, a bakery and various life experiences to enable fair atmosphere is.

Bazaar (Bazaar) content is decorated in a variety of food events. International Food Festival to enjoy the world's food culture and restaurants and shopping bazaar in the streets, and cultural facilities will provide space for the intensive lifestyle.

CJ Group Companies C & I 24 leisure gimsuyong the "domestic content, theme park theme park in the first attempt by the customer's needs and meet the new trends in visual culture, music, games and other content, and the program continued to make changes," said, "Asia Highlights of the course to become the world's CJ Group's ability to mobilize all, "he said

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Development News-2009.12.15

Dongbusan tourist complex, business presentation today in seoul

Busan, theme parks and a Korean movie and video joseongdoel Dongbusan tourism investment projects only briefing will be held in Seoul.

Busan, 18 at 11 am at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korean movies, including theme parks, video cheryuhyeong complex global tourism complex to the composition of major investors who Dongbusan tourism investment projects just open the presentation.

The IR sessions investment financial companies, real estate developers, interested organizations, including more than 150 employees Dongbusan direction of the development of a tourism complex, and to introduce investment environment and investment advice and is planning to proceed.

Since 2006, global tourism Dongbusan just the past with foreign companies to negotiate for the entire tour promoting the development of complex, but the global financial crisis and economic recession due to real estate investors have had difficulty to find meothae.

Since 2006, global tourism Dongbusan just the past and all foreign companies are negotiating for the development of a tourism complex, but due to the global financial crisis, has experienced difficulties in the recession.

Since the 04 cities, Busan and industry experts, civil society, media, several Advisory Council Advisory Board consisting of the results, only the development direction parallel to the development of the entire development set gwonyeokbyeol potential domestic and foreign investors continued to target marketing discrete manufacturing activity came.

These efforts largest theme park entertainment company, CJ ㈜ and 04 cities have established public-private joint venture, Korean movies? Joseongki video to a theme park in September signed an agreement last year's 11 In Special Purpose Company (SPC) established it has full-fledged business plan.

In addition, golf courses, sports centers and resorts 9 deuleoseol exercise, the first talks in November last destination leader 'Dongbusan S & R Consortium, and the practice is in final stage negotiations.

Tourism Complex Development of the atmosphere of Gozo is held in the investment business presentation in a variety of investors to meet the development needs of present and incentives yet unnamed investor Beach (Beach) districts and entertainment districts to encourage aggressive investment plans.

The administration baeyounggil market "Dongbusan tourist complex on the site preparation work to start next year and to look in earnest to equip as many starts, a lot of domestic and other tourism-related businesses only in the development of aggressive investment in hope," he said

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today's news-Bmc will change project's name-2009.12.20

Dongbusan tourist complex name 'changing mine end'

Dosigong, sluggish business in the negative stigma
Gongmojak 'Grace Topia' struggle to change

Busan City Tour 04 is just a new name Dongbusan struggle has grown. 'Dongbusan = failure to dispel the equation is for the pain.

Busan and the Busan City last June 04 Dongbusan to build a tourist complex of conspiracy to conduct a new name, and select winners from 15 days, but so far nothing is decided.

Conspiracy was the 'Grace Topia (eastopia)' the best, 'and clearance of land (Sea-ULand)' 'Blue Coast, and each received Excellence Awards Merit. However, many times over in the final 04 names confirmed as a result of the internal review only a symbol for sex tourism hagieneun Dongbusan pointed out that some were poor. 04 employees in tourism since the Dongbusan just to get ideas for names for artists and literary people meet to play and is in every way.

In the 04 'Dongbusan tourism complex named the years, want the business off the sluggish market, the Busan deda heonamsik daesimin such a negative image to apologize because deotchildwae. 'Dongbusan = failure' is a brand that is stamped.

In the last 04 Dongbusan tourist complex on the Korean theme park yejeongji composition of the contents of the memorandum of understanding concluded with CJ group increased, the likelihood of success and business name change is not necessarily needed position.

Urban Planning Team jeongmunsu 04 "The number inside the place to review and comment is being collected. Dongbusan best represents the concept of a tourism complex that will take time to find the name," he said.

Meanwhile, around 04 cities in order to lessen the burden on the market heonamsik even until next year's local elections the previous name geotyiran expect a lot of problems would stop.

Final Slogan is Eastopia!

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Development News-2010.1.6

Dongbusan tourist complex development project on track

Construction site next month .. composition also seeking to develop business district

4-year tourist complex Dongbusan drift was compensated with land development business district, some 04 operators in selecting the finished composition, and enter the site.

The 04 cities in 30 days gurap Dongbusan Busan Tourism Complex, 252 만 3 천 800 ㎡ facility construction bids for the construction companies pay an announcement as early as next month as soon as the selected site preparation work has, oddly enough, four days.

Busan Tourism Complex, site preparation Dongbusan gijanggun gijangeup our business and sirangri Lee, yeonhwari, daebyeonri, cheonggangri, seoksanri phase in the entire business branch. Sewer and electricity and infrastructure to equip 04, 04 and 36 months construction period is expected.

All expenses, including the materials ₩ 62,600,000,000 won.

The construction of Busan, the city construction and site preparation with 04 Dongbusan tour operators only certain movements of the earth 4. Recreational Facilities District (1.18 million ㎡), the full wolkke early as 8 to 04 Introduction, CJ group selected as operator Videos . Image Theme Parks District (50 million ㎡) as a base to plan is scheduled to begin construction.

Entertainment district, the rest (1.19 million ㎡) and the Beach District (660,000 ㎡) 7-8 companies also recently submitted a letter of intent from the investment by the state soon after the internal review, business planning agreement struck Dongbusan Being a tourist complex development project on track is expected to rise.

Dongbusan development of a tourism complex at the time Lee and gijanggun yeonhwari 252 만 3 천 800 ㎡, including one for tourism in March 2005 through April 2006 only specifies the composition plan approved in 2007, but each project undertaken to compensate for the Earth In the wake of difficulties in selecting the investment business he has experienced so far in business nanhang.

04 ohhongseok president in Busan, "Dongbusan Tourist Complex Lot 04 creating the construction development of the instrument will lead the business on track," he "quit the land compensation deda business district about 60% of total investment for the operators selected as the completion of site preparation and will promote the development of business districts with authentic, "he said.

Focus-Groundbreaking Construction will start in 2010 February.

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Development News-2010.1.11

Selected construction companies this month

As early as next month to enter the site preparation and construction Busan Tourism Complex gijanggun Dongbusan composition is of the business faster.

Busan City is 04, "Last Dongbusan Tourist Park Lot (252 만 3800 ㎡) Bidding for the 04 for the whole composition in the process of selection of construction companies pay," he said four days. Being selected the company as early as this month will finalize next month, construction is expected to begin site preparation. Dongbusan tourism business is just a site preparation and gijanggun gijangeup our sirangri Lee, daebyeonri yeonhwari, the entire division, cheonggangri, seoksanri been based on the award, such as sewage and electricity facilities equipped gongsada.

The construction period will be 04 after 36 months, total project cost, including all materials ₩ 62,600,000,000 won. Busan City side 04 "influential construction companies in Korea and encompassing 20-30 says the company intends to 04 can participate," said "60% of the site preparation work, such as theme parks around the top of the progress of facility construction can begin," he said.

Travel just a movie, video Dongbusan theme parks (50 million ㎡), exercise, recreation facilities (1.18 million ㎡), entertainment (1.19 million ㎡), Beach District (660,000 ㎡) and divided into four districts will be developed. Dual-video movies and theme park operators in the group was named CJ, exercise, recreation facilities district that also has determined that the preferred bidder. The implementation plan of the Earth, the default, and investors through recruitment procedures and plans to enter the top 04 facilities.

Beach entertainment district and the rest of the year after the end of seoulseo 7-8 with a business presentation company to submit a letter of intent from the investment of such magnitude that is going out. 04 side Busan City "Entertainment District, including two in the yeonnae operators that have selected our targets," said, "If I only Dongbusan tourism business will be getting fully on track," he said.

'Dongbusan tourist complex development project, the Lee Company and gijanggun yeonhwari 252 만 3800 ㎡, including one mammoth tourist complex in the composition of a tourist complex in March 2005 was designated in April 2006 approved composition plan launched in 2007, but the rewards Each project in selected districts for the difficulty investors have had to suffer while nanhang.

Focus-Contractor for Groundbreaking will be decided soon.

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Project name changes from MGM Studios Korea to CJ Entertainment Theme Park.

Status changed to Prep.

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Development News-2010.1.12

Dongbusan tourist complex in the 'domgujang' Promotion

Busan Tourism Complex in the core business Dongbusan
Worthy of a baseball city, Busan, domgujang 'will promote the establishment.

In addition to baseball, concerts and various events that form the 10's,
Ton of money to attract investors is key.

News is gimseonggi.


The development of a tourism complex mateun Dongbusan
Busan City has 04 'domgujang' is coming to promote.

Baseball in the 04 cities in Busan domgujangyi
Appropriate, as well as a lot of people coming
Tourism is just a place to Dongbusan activation
Are determined.

(CG) -1
Research services "other than a baseball game
And to hold events and concerts
Yibenteudom form is appropriate. "

Domgujanggwa deluxe hotel, shopping mall, etc.
Tokyo Dome City and entered the same model.

(CG) -2
"You are considered Dongbusan tourist park
Profitable than other businesses, including tourism Wed Jonah
Suitable for high scores in the survey
Will get noticed. "

Currently in Korea to be completed in 2011 years
The first goal in Seoul domgujangyi
Is under construction.

(StandUp) - gimseonggi
"The problem is at least nearly 6,7 ₩ 100,000,000,000
Expenses is to attract investors to prove anything. "

Current parent company of foreign investment to the doctor
Been tap the statement said.

Leading to the current ongoing projects include golf course business
Climb on track, investors' movement
Is expected to be authentic.

(Interview) - ohhongseok / 04, President, Busan City
"Leading business moyangse exposed, with a ripple effect
Investor interest in other areas nopahjyeo "

In addition gyooehyeong Dongbusan Tourist Complex
Peurimeoeom outlets and advanced forms of
Spa cosmetics brands also are underway to attract.

Focus-In East Busan Tour Themepark site,Busan will promote Dome Stadium Construction and Luxury Spa-Health Town!

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Development News-2010.1.18

Travel just 04 qualifying applications based Dongbusan 24 companies

Tourism development projects Dongbusan just 04 of the first signal, creating infrastructure to support construction of the Dagger of competitive bidding has notice.

Busan City Tourist Park Lot 04 last Dongbusan composition of receipt of an application screening results of 04 large construction companies and local construction companies and all 25 had 18 days from the application was submitted.

Creating tourism infrastructure construction Dongbusan just outside the headquarters building in Busan, live alone and have provisions to prevent sujuhal case of large construction companies and Busan have filed a joint qualification.

04 on September 28 in the field to open a presentation next month of receipt of Bid 9-11 selection after finishing company plans to start full construction.

Dongbusan tourist site preparation merely Busan gijanggun gijangeup our business and sirangri Lee, yeonhwari, daebyeonri, cheonggangri, the entire business seoksanri 만 Lot 252 Phase 3 천 to 800 ㎡. Sewer and electricity, including 04 equipped with the infrastructure, the construction period will be 04 is after 36 months.

All expenses, including the materials ₩ 62,600,000,000 won.

04 Busan city official, "than expected, many companies applied for pre-screening in the competitive bidding process is expected to" he "co-contracting of local companies in construction to double the percentage of 49% or more to have a lot of companies interested in said, "he said.

Focus-East Busan Themepark Development's Groundbreaking Constractor is 24 Companies!! very very good progress for Development..
February 15th-Construction start..
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