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Buses: Current Issues

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Since there isn't a thread that groups together non-Metrolink public transport here is a new one, bit late for the M60 widenning (finishes in a couple of weeks), however, BBC NW news this morning reporting that Virgin are set to increase the frequency and the speed of the Manchester to London trains.

Given they take 2hrs at the moment and run every 30mins they sure are going to be very very good competition for the planes.

All good stuff in my opinion, no doubt Virgin will put a press release out later that will be reported in the MEN.
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Excellent news. I much prefer to take the train to Nodnol. Less messing about to get to/from either of the airports, no check-in time, just straight on the Iron Horse and off at Euston.

The only thing that grates me is the prices, but that's another story.
Something needs to be done about congestion in the Greater Manchester area. Trying to get into Salford/Manchester in the morning is a right pain when coming in from the north west. The 61 is at a standstill from Westhoughton onwards, the Lancs crawls, A6 is a no go. All this after 0730.

However, I don't agree with a congestion charge. The alternatives just aren't there. The irregular, expensive trains are at bursting point.

Regarding Argentina, the blart is A1 and the locals are very friendly toward the English, your mate must have bumped into an idiot minority. Obviously you don't talk about the Falklands, same as you wouldn't spout off your views on the Northern Irish situation if you were sat in a Belfast bar. If common sense and courtesy prevail, you'll have no problems.
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