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Buses: Current Issues

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Since there isn't a thread that groups together non-Metrolink public transport here is a new one, bit late for the M60 widenning (finishes in a couple of weeks), however, BBC NW news this morning reporting that Virgin are set to increase the frequency and the speed of the Manchester to London trains.

Given they take 2hrs at the moment and run every 30mins they sure are going to be very very good competition for the planes.

All good stuff in my opinion, no doubt Virgin will put a press release out later that will be reported in the MEN.
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Excellent thread. I knew my time would come!

Is there any chance of extending the east lancs out to Altrincham...

I'm on the Manchester Skybar rollout.... :)
rolybling said:
^^ I know I know, I've been there and seen them, me saying "all the rage" wasn't meant like its a new thing there, I'm glad they are introducing them more here though, like Longford said there's some on the M6 J9 or 10, it's good they have put some on the M60, about bleeding time, they should work wonders.
There is a Transport subforum already -
but I'll see what I can do, a new subforum will need approval from admins
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