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Buses: Current Issues

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Since there isn't a thread that groups together non-Metrolink public transport here is a new one, bit late for the M60 widenning (finishes in a couple of weeks), however, BBC NW news this morning reporting that Virgin are set to increase the frequency and the speed of the Manchester to London trains.

Given they take 2hrs at the moment and run every 30mins they sure are going to be very very good competition for the planes.

All good stuff in my opinion, no doubt Virgin will put a press release out later that will be reported in the MEN.
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Can somebody try and get some pictures of the widened M60? I havnt seen it yet at all.
How many lanes has it been widened to?
I drove down the southern section of the M60 which is being widened at midnight last night. It looked very impressive. The way you have four carrigeways running for a long section of the motorway was good, kinda like the 401 in Toronto.

Ever want the M60 this wide? :D
They have them on Junction 1 of the M55 in Preston. Again, only turned on during rush hour.
Calls to overhaul rail lines

A major Lancashire rail route branded one of Britain's "neglected" rail lines should receive an urgent overhaul, according to proposals in a report on the country's crumbling rail system.
And the re-instatement of an axed rail link could boost the economy in two parts of the county, campaigners claim.

Now Lib Dem MPs want TransPennine routes to Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool via Preston to be electrified to provide a faster service for fed-up customers battling overcrowding and high fares.......

Can't do without a name change!
Who owns Mayfield then? Is it still owned by the BR Residuary?
Yes there is, and its a free one. I'm not sure when it was put in, but its been there well over a year. Agreed though, for such an important station, the facilities are pretty naff.
The facillities at Preston are terrible though. There isn't even a cash machine.
It is just to the left of the StopGap shop on platform 4.
Have those dot matrices on the 142's ever been good? They never seem to be visible. I think they're only on the ex-Merseyrail ones.
Comparing the 142's to all the other trains in the station really makes Northern feel loved im sure, look at that big crack in the front of the Marple and the Rose Hill so dirty you can barely read its destination.
How can that possibly a good thing for the rail industry? Broken trains will be both very costly to repair and lost revenue when they are not out carrying passengers.
As for the new trains, what % are made abroad? Am I right that it's pretty high? If we don't order new trains, will older ones have to plod on longer, requiring more (UK based) servicing/repairs? Would that be a gain for the UK rail industry?
I know its not Manchester related, but I'm gutted that Preston isn't getting its improvements. For such a major station, its a total mess and an embarrassment to the city. The sad thing is, its probably the best large station in Lancs, maybe 2nd after Lancaster.
Do we know which lines in GM they may be being considered for?
Although its an infrequent service, there is no Stockport-Stalybridge line either.
How weird: no mention of any lines to Wilmslow. Now, I know Wilmslow is in Cheshire but the complete absence of a connection between Cheadle Hulme or Heald Green is quite extraordinary.

Did that earlier this year during issues with the wires at Bletchley. Give me a Pendo over that anyway! In fairness though it was good to have a diesel alternative rather than the whole service being cancelled.
That's even worse, London to Preston by diesel!
Just seen this posted in the Glasgow forum:

I think these look good:

Henderson 261 nsf by Wigan Airways, on Flickr

All busses should be painted like this with a small logo of the operator where the henderson logo is on the picture above along with the franchising model with SPT setting routes and prices and allocating one operator.
This is how I'd like to see bus franchising done in larger UK cities. Alongside greater integration, timetabling, and pricing, it would give far more clarity to bus services.
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