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Since there isn't a thread that groups together non-Metrolink public transport here is a new one, bit late for the M60 widenning (finishes in a couple of weeks), however, BBC NW news this morning reporting that Virgin are set to increase the frequency and the speed of the Manchester to London trains.

Given they take 2hrs at the moment and run every 30mins they sure are going to be very very good competition for the planes.

All good stuff in my opinion, no doubt Virgin will put a press release out later that will be reported in the MEN.
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Worsley seems as good as served with Patricroft station within 2km, as well as Eccles and Swinton being nearby. Albeit with an hourly service.

Phreud said:
Preston - Ormskirk certainly had one (Class 153?) relatively recently, but I've not used the line for a couple of years so can't be certain.
At one time it was a dead cert to see a 153 on the Ormskirk line, but they are being increasingly replaced by Class 142's. Since the direct Preston-Lime Street service has had it's frequency cut, people using the Ormskirk service and then connecting onto the Northern Line to get to Liverpool has made the line much more popular than it once was.
I've just been looking at Castleton on Google Maps. What is the massive yard next to the station?
I'm surprised that Blackburn is the starting point for the service via Burnley via Tod curve, it has it's own direct service to Manchester via Bolton.

I would have thought the trains start and terminate from Rose Grove, where there are sidings and a direct connection to the Rose Grove - Colne branch of the East Lancashire Line.
When I worked in Burnley, I frequently used the East Lancashire line. Looking at the passenger flows, it's not surprising that Blackburn is the starting point. Blackburn is by far and away the busiest station on the line, and probably makes it more viable. BMR isn't really suitable for terminating trains, and Rose Grove has a very low patronage. Additionally, the sidings at Rose Grove haven't been used since the complete closure of the North Lancashire Loop in 1993, and would most likely need to be replaced at an extra cost.
Be ready for major delays on trains on the Manchester-Preston line this morning. Currently stuck on a broken down TPE train between Chorley and Bolton.
It is frustrating that the largest peak hour train is being removed from what is probably the busiest line into Manchester. Nobody can say the frequency is poor (there must be at least 8tph to Manchester and vice versa in the peak), but if a service is even slightly delayed, it is very common for hundreds of passengers to be left behind at Bolton. Most peak time services are standing only by the time it has left Chorley, and pretty much packed by the time it leaves Horwich/Lostock. The solution would seem to be larger trains (which I know are in the long term pipeline with electrification).
Exactly what the station needed really. It's a very busy interchange at times, and all the clutter that was previously there didnt help. Now it feels nice, simple, and spacious.
Are there plans to build platforms on the Atherton line at Lostock? I noticed today that there is what looks like a pub on the would-be site that has been boarded up. I wondered if perhaps TfGM had aqquired it for future development.
This article has been published today in my local paper about worse than usual overcrowding on lines into Manchester in recent weeks. Interesting that this is happening as services are due to be cut on the Manchester-Preston line:

Yet again this morning, my train pulled into Bolton and at least 30 people were left on the platform because they literally could not squeeze any more people on.
It's sometimes mooted within these forums that some of the city centre lines should be buried - whether that will happen is up for debate!
I think this largely depends on how the city centre and Metrolink's passenger base grows. Market Street in particular seems to be getting dangerously overcrowded during the peak. These volumes could be comfortably handled by the closest thing Metrolink has to a sub-surface station:

It is very possible. Many cities in Europe have done this. My favourite example is Porto!
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Yeah, I don't know what is going on down there at the moment, but it has been a nightmare for the past week - I've ended up walking down from Piccadilly Gardens to Salford Central, passed a massive queue of buses and jumped on one at Salford Central. Was sat on a 38 on King Street for 20 minutes on Monday before I got off and walked down past 4 others and jumped on one on the Crescent.

Anyone know what's going on? Roads between Pendleton and Manchester are a mess at the moment - is it just one thing or is it a combination of guided busway and Salford Council reducing everything down to one lane, like they inexplicably did on the Crescent?

I get that they are trying to get everyone on public transport, but the buses are getting snarled in the traffic these measures have created and the trains... well, they tend to be sardine cans by the time you hit Swinton, so it's not really an option. Commuting is just a bit frustrating at the moment really!
There are some pretty big roadworks going on at the junction of Trinity Way and Quay Street. Pretty much everything has been reduced to one lane, and is causing jams all the way down the ring road.
I'm guessing frequency of trains stopping at Salford Central will be massively increased now it will be made as large as Oxford Road?
Does anyone know if there are any plans to increase the frequency of services from Eccles station? The station is very convenient, but the hourly frequency isn't great.
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I hope they don't rebrand Preston Bus too! They have done a stirling job of turning it around.
(Even more fabulous :- Preston North End won 3-0 and more or less confirmed automatic promotion! About Blackpool and City - me no speakee football on here . . . :colbert: )
I wish I had your confidence!
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I'd hate to see the 323's go. IMO, they are the best 'local' trains in Greater Manchester. I love the refurbished 319's, but the 323's are step above.
And that acceleration sound is second only to the Jubilee Line trains in my opinion.

Not that I turn my iPod down just to hear it or anything... :shifty:
Pfft... I see your Jubilee Line train and raise you a Metrolink T68A!

PID's and departure screens are now up at Eccles station, but not yet switched on. Seems a bit excessive having a departure screen for a station that only has a total of 2 departures an hour!
2015/16 station usage figures are out. Summary below of city centre stations (Piccadilly, Victoria, Oxford Road, Deansgate, Salford Central). Figures don't include interchanges.

Total entries/exits to stations in 2014/15 for city centre stations: 40,247,848
Total entries/exits to stations in 2014/15 for city centre stations: 42,187,298

Total year on year passenger growth across city centre stations: 1,939,450

Summary of individual stations year on year:

Station Name 1516 Entries & Exits 1415 Entries & Exits
Deansgate 390,445 372,616
Manchester Oxford Roa 7,961,843 7,598,295
Manchester Piccadilly 25,792,700 24,614,970
Manchester Victoria 7,630,480 7,282,062
Salford Central 411,830 379,904

For full nationwide stats:
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