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Businesses in Ethiopia

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This young man have chosen to open an antique shop, very creative, innovative and niche. A lot of the young modern wealthy or middle classes , have developed the test for shabby chic decorative style, you see it in places like Garden of Coffee, Tomoca, Sishu Burger, and many other classy bars and eatery's and in works like designers such as Bethlehem Alemu, he will definitely do well.
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^^Wow I saw this white guy on youtube, making fun videos and He speaks Amharic fluently. i did not know he was an entrepreneur in Ethiopia !
mixed?! never knew that...looks more white than Ethiopian btw
that's why he speaks amharic so well...
good thing, he is not ashamed of his African roots. i know some mixed afro-white people and I'm appalled how awful they hide their black roots and never interact with them and proudly show show their ''white'' heritage.
glad that ethiopians have strong identity and culture.
Celebrating Ethiopian Women's Success in the Business world !

Samrawit Fikru, a former computer programmer and software developer, today a tech entrepreneur, founded RIDE at the age of 22.

At the age of 22, having identified the gap in the market, she took $2,000 of her own savings and started Hybrid Design, a software and applications developing company. Shortly after, the company introduced RIDE, a transport and booking platform in Ethiopia that is phone-based just like Uber. RIDE started as an SMS-focused request in 2014.

RIDE is now used by tens of thousands of users and has had 500,000 downloads on just the Google Play Store.

In November 2019, Samrawit met Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who later Tweeted a photo of the two of them and tagged Elon Musk saying “She’d love to introduce Tesla to Ethiopia!”

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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