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This topic has been discussed earlier in various threads as this is the main. barrier for supertall skyscrapers to be constructed in Metro Manila, at least in the downtown area.

When I say downtown, I meant The Manila, Makati, Pasay and BGC areas.

The proximity of these areas from NAIA suggested that the height limit should be restricted to 250m. On the other hand, there are a few skyscrapers that exceeded such limit but in the form of antennas or spires.

Notably, PBCom Tower and Grand Hyatt / Metrobank Centre.

Do these height limits only cover the areas that are close to the vicinity of NAIA?

Do these restrictions also apply to Midtown and Uptown areas say Ortigas, San Juan or QC?

On the other hand, places that take off or land in NAIA usually pass through C-5 or through Manila Bay. Planes rarely pass over Makati or Ortigas CBDs.

If NAIA is busy, places usually circle around Eastern Metro Manila or within Manila Bay, they seldom circle over our CBDs and if they do, their altitude is already too high for our buildings.

Other things to consider about,

SG's height limit is generally 280 m due to the proximity of Paya Lebar Airbase. Though a 290 m tower was constructed but required special permit.

Central Plaza, the tallest building in Asia during its completed was within a close distance from Kai-Tak, still operational at that time. But the airport was across the HK harbour.

The distance between Tokyo Tower and Haneda Airport is not that great but the tower exceed 300m when it was completed.

On the other hand, Tokyo does not have any supertall buildings.
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