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Cabrini Green's Violent Heyday... On TV and in Music

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I found some media about Cabrini Green I found extraordinarily interesting and thought I would share it for those interested in what made the area tick. The videos are from (what I guess is) a newer history channel show called "gangland." One episode focused exclusively on the Greens and has great (in a sense) information and footage. Youtube link here:

And yes, the other four parts of the episode are all easy to find on youtube's related videos links.

Next is something else kinda interesting... Remember those former gangster disciples being interviewed on the show? Turns out they rap about life on the greens and formed a group called Cabrini Mob Entertainment. Some of their content is here:

The song "I'm a dead man" seemed touching, and I don't know the first damn thing about project life from experience. I guess that makes it effective.
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I saw that episode of Gangland...very interesting.
Yikes; looks like a copyright claim took that vid offline. Since I'm so obsessed with the Greens however, I'm posting another set of vids. These two are MUCH less up-front and graphic, but still interesting.

However, I don't know what's with the first few minutes of part 1 where the announcer suggests that Chicago Avenue runs north and south... kind of a big mistake.

Part 1:

Part 2:
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