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A superb thread, dear Leon, many, many favourites! :applause:
And in the end biker's paradise! :)
thank you Silvia! I love Harleys too :)

Great, very nice photo update, Leon :cheers:
A nice collection of pics.
you welcome Christos and diddyD :cheers1:

Skopje/Скопје;140365921 said:
Very interesting place! And the town looks very nice too!
beautiful shots and lovely castle.
beautiful shots of a quaint and historic city highlighted by a medieval castle.
Beautiful and historic township and amazing how well the walls have been preserved. The walls are free for all to see, but unfortunately you can only walk around them, not on them as they are deemed unsafe.
nevertheless we had a wonderful time walking through this walled town.

thanks all for viewing, comments and likes!



Oslo(Norway) & Brugge_Ghent_Leuven_Liege(Belgium)I


Amsterdam, ValkenburgIBath_Gloucester(SouthWest England)ICaernarfon Castle(Wales)ILlandudno&GoldWings Parade(Wales)IConwy Castle(Wales)IVilnius, LithuaniaI

In Scotland

1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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