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This set of pics was taken in Caesarea, Israel. now, i don't really
know about all of it's ancient past and stories, today there's an
archeology site over there, some really nice beaches, small bays
and gulfs, some art galleries, a couple of caffes and restaurants,
a few hotels and holiday villages and a richmen town.

Caesarea's location on the Sharon's shore right north of Hadera,
(a med-sized city with a power plant nearby) makes it a very
interesting scenic location of the great power plant, at 300m, the
tall chimney is Israel's tallest structure(!), the other two chimneys
at 250m are second, (Ramat Gan's Citygate building is about

from the site, you can see the shore from the power plant in the
south and a bit to the north, but the Carmel mountain parallel to
the seashore is visible all the way to the Haifa university tower.
that wasn't such a clear day so there aren't any crystal pics, and i
forgot to mention that all this pics were taken with my brand new
Digital Rebel XT :laugh: :laugh: i just got last week.

anyhow, here are the pics, it isn't to much 'cityscapish' but you
need those power shores to light up our cities..

on the highway, when travelling into the area of the power plant
you can see all sorts of power infrasturcture:


The site, let me just mention i'm referring to what's
called "Caesarea national park", was a roman city built by hordus
quite a long time ago

on the sea there's a really nice bay

but what dominates the skyline is the big power plant, some of
you may have seen this pic in SSC UPC, i thought it cropped out

Maybe that one would have done better...

it's really a nice place, if you visit israel you should go there,

the power plant isn't so scary as in the first pic

you can take organised tour inside the facility, i was there once a
few years ago with my parents, it's pretty boring actually, and
they won't let you climb to the top of the chimney..

Here's a panoramic view of the power plant and the great pier
used for loading coal from ships


and we'll finish with a panoramic view


that's it, Stay tuned, Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
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