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CAIRO | Continental Hotel Reconstruction | Five-star Hotel | $85m | U/C

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Continental Hotel Reconstruction


Reconstruction of the Continental Hotel and renovation and preservation of the current historical exterior (frontal) façade.
Development along the area (restaurants, hotels etc), for tourists and locals. The program will also focus on restoring, preserving

Project Overview

Status: Demolition of old Interior
Stage / phase: 1 of (?)
Project start date: 2018
Estimated end date: (?)
Location: Cairo, Adly street
Cost: $85m / EGP 1.5 Billion
Hotel Rooms: 248 (Original had 176)
Group / Owners: The Egyptian General Company for Tourism & Hotels (Owners), Holding Company for Tourism & Hotels, National Organization for Urban Harmony
Contractor: (?)

Project Goals

Basic Infrastructure

  • Reconstruction of Hotel
  • Restoration of Original façade
  • Pathways & Paving of Roads
  • Landscaping of Court Yard

Lasuer and Entertainment
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Shops


This post will be updated upon further information.
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The original facade looks amazing, the renders are nowhere near as fancy unfortunately. I know anything is better than its current state of decrepitness but it has so much potential, it could be Cairo's equivalent of The Plaza in New York or Hotel Ritz in Paris.
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It better look identical to the original.
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