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CAIRO | Nile East Corniche | App | New Cairo City Project | U/C

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2 Different projects

Nile East Corniche
I don't know the meters.

Main Tower: 39 floors
Tower 2: 35 floors

They are 2 towers of 39fl & 35fl, the architects are Michael Graves & Associates (425 5th Avenue, 188m, New York), HKS Architects Inc (The Century, 151m, Los Ángeles).

New Cairo City Project

2 Towers with 35 floors.

Architect: Sandy & Babcock International (Bank Ekspres Tower, Istanbul, 125m)
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Yes, but as they are the towers in renders??? There are 7 towers in the render of Nile East Corniche....
Great news for Cairo and may I add about time
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