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Calaveras's weekend trips: Brasov & Sibiu 2 romanian jewels

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Hi guys , i've been watching this site for a long time but for some reason i coud'nt make an account(something about activation) ,any way here's my first shared weekend:
started visiting Rasnov fortress (near Brasov)

fortress inner plaza

view from the top of the walls

returned to downtown Brasov
view towards main square and Black Church

counciul square house

counciul square and brasov sign on top of mount tampa

Brasov viewed from the sign

and we're off to sibiu, wich is about 1,5 hours away
driving along the Carpati mountains

arrived in the evening in sibiu
the big square and cathedral

and some daylight pics

the big square

cityhall and catholic cathedral

liar's bridge and evanghelical cathedral

view from liar's bridge

and finnaly some pics from balea damm wich is situated along the Transfagarasan highway

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Thanks for photos. I visited both cities in 1973 and their centres haven't changed from what I remember.
Sibiu changed for sure, it had a total makeover in in 2007 when it was the european culture capital
It`s nice to see a peace of Romania.:)
Welcome on SSC.:cheers:
Thank you for joining us with your sweet photos! :)
Beautiful pictures of two beautiful towns. Thank you for showing us these, i've never seen them on there before.
That place is really beautiful beyond imagination; very nice set of photos, thanks for sharing them :eek:kay:
glad you like them , here's some more of beautifull brasov for you from a different ocassion when i was in the city

black church facade

around the old town

and here we have union square ,where there is one of the oldest churches in the country

and next to it the oldest school in Romania - built and functional around the 12 century

inside pic

10 minutes away from downtown up the mountains there is Poiana Brasov a well known ski resort , to bad theres not much happening there except winter

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Thanks for the pics, these cities look awesome.
nice pix.
i almost forgot about this thread , here are some more recent pics from transilvania

sibiu september 2010 ,was the capital of Good Manners that year

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Nice to see beautiful pics of beautiful places....thanks for sharing.:cheers:
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