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CALBAYOG | Gaisano Grand Mall

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Updates of the said project should be posted here.
Uswag Calbayog! Uswag Samar! Waray-wara ini!
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Gaisano Grand

There was already a City Resolution endorsing the request of the Far East Noble House, Inc. to DPWH for the approval of the construction of a connecting building/ structure crossing Navarro Street.

In addition to that, Gaisano Grand will pay for the utilization of air rights above the Road Right of Way.

so aagi an gihap an ubos nga kalsada... that's the plan.
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mingaw man didto sa site san mall pero an ira warehouse sige an trabaho.
mao baga waray na magtrabaho.

Mingaw liwat dinhi sa thread.
Nano an for lease, an LOT? joke! waray pa man ira building oy. kaiha ba.
mingaw. mingaw na gadman liwat an construction.
Pictures taken August 14, 2014

If you are going to Brgy. Obrero, this is on the RIGHT side.

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ginhimo na nga playground.
asya la anay an ginpasyadahan kay waray pa man trabahoA.
left and right po ba e2?
depende kung saan ka nakaharap.

If you are going to the downtown area from Brgy. Obrero (pandayan) from the bridge, sa LEFT ito.
1 - 7 of 53 Posts
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