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Calicut (Kozhikode) Cityscapes

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Calicut photo cc right pristine pictures

Calicut panorama by Yeskey


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You don't have to use double IMG tags.

Since tinypic already gives you the IMG tags. (Use the preview button to check for errors before posting).

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Sanju, hope you understood what sun meant. Otherwise pls send me a private message..

And you mentioned Hill park residency (15 floors) as the highest point in Calicut. But Elizzium is having about 20 floors , isn't it?

And welcome to the forum..:) If you are a resident of Calicut, shall we look forward for more live pictures of the city?
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highest point in calicut

thanx........ya hills park will be the highest point in calicut since it is goin to come up near civil station area which is a few meters above the sea level,but in the case of ellizium court,although it is 20 stories it is on the sea level,i mean near to beach road,so obiously hills park will be the highest point in calicut.Sudeesh since i am an Msc biotecnology student i dont get enough time to roam around in my place ie, Calicut,now i am at kothamangalam,but i am familiar wid every corner of my home city,if u r interested u can come to calicut,i would like to be ur host and a perfect guild to the more thing i dont have a good camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx 4 ur guidence,i wont use double IMG tag on either side of the image again........take care.....
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old church

this is one of the oldest church in calicut build by the portugese.......its in front of my school ie, St Josephs BHS calicut...
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old part of calicut

the building seen was once the tallest building in calicut the paramount towers,and is hopefully the second skyscraper,since LIC building is the first skyscraper in calicut build in early 1970's
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Calicut Views

Photo Source from Flicker :banana:
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Who said it Calicutjada, according to me it is Hilton towers, only a shopping complex, :eek:hno:
Btw isn't it the same building, described here as ship shaped, which was supposed to be a Mall/hypermarket to be run by Reliance, as told by Sanju?? Now it is a hotel?

Who manages the hotel? The name is 'Hilton', so there are chances that the 'Hilton' group may sue them. There was one instance earlier when one such 'Hilten' hotel in Trivandrum was sued by the multinational brand.

Got it.

Hilton Hotel
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